ExAequo BFBC2 vs. Forgotten Infantry
Contestants Parameters
 31.  43.

 ExAequo BFBC2
 Forgotten Infantry
Status: closed
MatchID 12105767
Date Monday, 09 February 21:00
Calculated Monday, 23 February 01:05
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 120 : 133
cerere_landing 317 : 70
ExAequo BFBC2 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 22 February 21:54
104 kB, Sunday, 22 February 21:54, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
Sunday, 22 February 21:51
Round 1*
109 kB, Sunday, 22 February 21:51, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
Sunday, 22 February 21:52
Round 2*
111 kB, Sunday, 22 February 21:52, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
Sunday, 22 February 21:52
Round 3*
92 kB, Sunday, 22 February 21:52, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
Sunday, 22 February 21:53
Round 4*
86 kB, Sunday, 22 February 21:53, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
* No longer available
comments (25)
ok..i talked to my clanmates and our offers to play the matches next week are:

19.1. - 23.1. at 6-7pm each

if u answer too late, we might have another war to fight on the date u wish to play us
lol...sry...didnt look at the startingdate....so just tell us when u got time^^
Np :P
We can play this days: 11, 13, 16
server: pw: ghost (you can test it for ping)
Pbbans streaming allowed, battlerecorder allowed

I wait your answer ;)
what about the 15.02. ??

cause...i first have to fix my clanmod...and that could take some time ://

another thing is: could we play a 4v4 if we havent enough players please? :/
Sorry but the 15.02 i have players not allowed,if Admin want, we can play 17.02 or we play 16.02 4v4, I'm sorry :(
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I ask to my team about, and they want to play whith 5 player because the matches are 5v5, you find a day with 5 FI players, ;)
probably not...but..whatever... -.-
can we use barred players??
Yes you can ;) can we play 16.02?

Ok tnx ;)
I'm at work and finish at 20:00 o'clock :(
At 20:15 I'm back home, I dont dine and play immediately :P
so... 20:30 ??
Yes please :P
server (test the ping): pw: ghost
battlerecorder allowed
Pbbans streaming allowed
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im sry..but we again have a lack of players and we would have to play a 5v4....but since i dont want to play a 5v4 anymore ill just ask you if we could play another time?

means: the match has to be played until next week...

i hope you agree so we can have a fair and nice 5on5 ;D
The match start mondey 9 and finish mondey 16
we go on server to play now, if you want open protest an wait admin decision, sorry
If you enter now 16.02 20:30 we play 4v4 ;)
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i know...but i asked an admin and he said we could play until one week after match-endingdate....

u said no 4v4...thats why i said that we wont play today....now ur mindchange comes a bit late...sry =/

but u can still agree with another date....^^
ok np, we can play: 20, 22, 23
i wait your answer ;)

Special rule for the Wintercup: http://www.esl.eu/eu/bf2142/news/72758/ESL-Winter-Cup-2009-UPDATE-/" target="_blank">link
So, if you do not got enough players on the original match date, you will be able to delay the date within one week if both teams agree. If you do not follow this rule, we will have to make a decision, even if we do not want to. So, please compete on the battlefields rather than fight over dates.

You have only 1 week after the standard matchdate.
OK sure we play the match ;)
I invite FI to choose one day in the up post

Tnx bLuE for info
ok fox..thx :D ...we choose sunday (22.02.) ;D

i dunno for sure if we have 5 players then....if we dont have 5 players could we play a 4v4 then?

and..it would be kind if you would talk to me via ICQ so i can tell you when something changes ;D
Np for us if you are 5 or 4 members, we'll play 5 or 4
If you are 4 we'll play 4v4 ;) (sorry for my scolastic english)
Ok 22.02 time? 20:00 or 20:30? or you choose any time ;)
ok sunday 8pm :D

what about ICQ? ...i'd like to talk to you^^ :P
I dont use icq add me on msn: fox_333@hotmail.it i'd like too :)
GG all, nice team ;)
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