cORw_BetA vs. ExAequo BFBC2
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 ExAequo BFBC2
Status: closed
MatchID 12105762
Date Monday, 26 January 21:00
Calculated Monday, 02 February 21:44
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 125 : 159
verdun 204 : 165
cORw_BetA wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 01 February 22:11
382 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:11, by Mr.cLoWn (-=cORw=-)
Sunday, 01 February 22:12
376 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:12, by Mr.cLoWn (-=cORw=-)
Sunday, 01 February 22:13
map 1 guids*
194 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:13, by 3623303 (-=cORw=-)
Sunday, 01 February 22:16
map 2 guids*
192 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:16, by 3623303 (-=cORw=-)
Sunday, 01 February 22:13
map1 round 1*
344 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:13, by 3623303 (-=cORw=-)
Sunday, 01 February 22:13
map1 round2*
351 kB, Sunday, 01 February 22:13, by 3623303 (-=cORw=-)
Monday, 02 February 23:46
Round 1*
4.0 MB, Monday, 02 February 23:46, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
Monday, 02 February 23:51
Round 2*
4.4 MB, Monday, 02 February 23:51, by Fox333 (ExAequo)
* No longer available


comments (32)
Can u play 25/01/09 at 22.00???
hello, we can play only the Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday
26/01 is the start week or the date limit for the match?
Its start of game week!!!=)
we agreed at Wednesday 28/01/2009
play 50/50
1st - berlin - at our serv ( corw13)
2nd - verdun - at your serv - just say what ip and pass to check
Tnx for info ;) for us in impossible at wednesday because we have a match into "torneo merli 2"
We can play friday saturday sunday or mondey
22.00 o'clock is time in Rome?
so - lets play at SUNDAY 01/02/09
at 22.30 (GMT+3) = 21.30 (GMT+2)
respond about tomorrow.
Hi, we don't have any problems to play Sunday at 21.30.
GL to all
I test your server, if the ping is high we prefer to play 50/50. Our server is pass: ghost (test it) ;)
21.30 ???What the time snandart do you mean???
when i write this message my clock is: 18:56, we are GMT+1 you are GMT+3

i go into chat pre match see you
2 edits
time to play is -
20.30 GMT+1
21.30 GMT+2
22.30 GMT+3

what GMT have ROME - gmt+1
so game is at 20.30 gmt+1
OK confermed, GL & HF
and in match 4 WHERE U BEEN ????? we look at ALL MAP - cant find...
GG!!!It was very hard game!!!
please confirm the match
Can you send me the 2 battlerecorder about Fall of Berlin, please? tnx
We have no this video. lol. Why do you need it???
M8 so strange that you are writing so late.
6.2. Demos and replays
If your game supports a demo- or replay-function, it is obligatory for all players to use it. The demos are to be kept for at least 14 days and must be presented to the admin at request. If it should come to a protest, the demos must be kept until 14 days after conclusion of the protest.

Are the rulez, i need to look it, tnx
Sorry, but our server doesn't support battlerecorder. That's a great fail of our hoster's tech support, and we can't do anything with that.
we must repeat the 2 rounds to Fall or wait admin decision
the ping in % at our server was good, we have active on server battlerecorder and streaming to pbbans, sorry for inconvenience we wait your answer to repeat the Two rounds ;)
I see no reason to repeat them if you don't suspect unfair play in those rounds.
Omg i dont see any reason too, if you think that somebody from our sqad is CHEATER you have to send reqest to admin!
We have final match scores what do you want else?

And Admin, so strange, that our opponent wants restart only 2 rounds from 4 where he lose - SOOOOOOOOOO STRANGE!!!
Dear =ExA.G= Fox333, please upload your video (Verdun 2 rounds), i only want to watch our match.
Actually it's me the one who wants to see the match. I'd like to see mistakes my beta-team has made) Thx in advance.
Dear kalugus you can download the demos ingame (community battlerecorder) or i dont have problem to upload ;)
We can't find demos there, I don't know why. Plz upload them somewhere and give us the link.
I cant download it too, please archive file and upload here.Thx on advance!
Thank you!And GG!!!
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