Clan SPAIN .BF2142 vs. EuroAiM eSport Alpha
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 5.  17.

 Clan SPAIN .BF2142
 EuroAiM eSport Alpha
Status: closed
MatchID 12105752
Date Monday, 02 February 21:00
Calculated Monday, 02 February 23:36
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tunis_harbor 0 : 1
camp_gibraltar 0 : 1
EuroAiM eSport Alpha wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 02 February 21:43
no show*
140 kB, Monday, 02 February 21:43, by 3060120 (Eu|AiM)
Monday, 02 February 21:43
no show*
65 kB, Monday, 02 February 21:43, by 3060120 (Eu|AiM)
Monday, 02 February 21:43
no show*
58 kB, Monday, 02 February 21:43, by 3060120 (Eu|AiM)
* No longer available

EuroAiM eSport Alpha

Our Server @ 50/50
IP: port:16567
PBB Stream enabled

TeamSPAIN loose because they didn't have 5 players.
comments (18)
Can we play on 31-01-09 at 20:00?? :D
Not saturday please. How about tuesday @ 21:00?
we play Monday, 02/02/09 21:00. Neutral server if possible :)
ok we play Monday, 02/02/09, But we play 50/50.
Not 50/50, neutral
5.2. Server
5.2.1. Choice of server
In case a game-server is needed for the game, the players must provide a server for the game themselves and come to an agreement on which server to use. In case no agreement can be reached, each team decides on a map which is then played on each of the two team’s servers. The teams can of course play on a completely neutral server, if they decide to do so.

If they decide to do so...
If 1 team wanna play 50/50... Must be 50/50.. :S no?
Ignore Zee, he is fail at organising and his brain is located somewhere in his colon. We agree to 50/50 :)

GL HF! Looking forward to a good hard game.
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cu@ 2night
Lame. SPAIN had 5 players on the server, but one got kicked for usersettings. He never returned, and after some pointless delay with no comment from SPAIN - they left stating "no game".
to bad no show they had 5 on but got 1 with usersettings hahaha
Maybe would of been a good game, but they all left.

Very Disappointed.
1. comming late
2. getting kicked for usersetings.con in your own server
3. Not playing.................
Very dissapointing indeed. We were looking forward to a good game here.
I know all the *SPAIN*s, and I can say that they play for FUN...
And, maybe, they see the actitude of your players, saying bullsh*t and b*tching, and they decided that this couldn't be funny...
so, they prefer don't waste their time, and make a 'noShow'.

He was caught via MD5 in his own server.. And?
There is some Photos of some Eu|Aim kicked for the same thing in other servers.. AND?
I don't know why the ppls is so ***** with this things...

GL in the rest of the Cup for the 2 teams.
But you wasted our time. What about saying you would do a no show before the match. We had to move a match because SPAIN wanted all to go on their choice. We played on your server first. We wasted what 40-60 mins waiting for SPAIN, only to hear "no hame, ciao". I call that Bullsh*t. So donæt come here and say they donæt waste their time on us. They plaed ASES and come 15 minutes late, then leave. Don't sign up to cups, if you dont wanna play.
Default win to EuroAiM eSport,
no show for Clan SPAIN .BF2142
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haha vimas we waste there time whahhaha u really make me lolling
if 1 team waste team of us thet is thet spanish! waiting like 1 hour for nothing only to hear we dont play so thet is waste of time and scared nuubs they dont wanne have on score boards 10000-0 if even thet is possible or what ever but they waste our time i cba to speak anymore about this shit because it was just very low
V1mas we didnt have any attitude, ESL rules show you must wait 15 minutes for opponent to show. We waited over 30, all 5 players were on server but one got kicked for tweaking and didnt want to rejoin. Then your 4th left when we advised them they must play 4v5. Then they typed no game and left.

So please don't come here saying were giving bullsh!t etc etc, especially when you left this team to join a better one just 2 days before the match.
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