Fizzy Bubblech vs. HgW Winter Cup
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 Fizzy Bubblech
 HgW Winter Cup
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MatchID 12105738
Date Monday, 02 February 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 08 February 21:07
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tunis_harbor 1 : 0
camp_gibraltar 1 : 0
Fizzy Bubblech wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 08 February 20:48
Round 1*
50 kB, Sunday, 08 February 20:48, by Alex_M (mix)
Sunday, 08 February 20:48
Round 2*
85 kB, Sunday, 08 February 20:48, by Alex_M (mix)
* No longer available

Fizzy Bubblech

HgW Winter Cup

comments (39)
Can we play on our Server please?
No, couse u are all germans and we are russians. Not really fair if we play with ping 60-80 and u with ping 20 =)
So if u want play on your serv so much, give me IP i will check stream. And our server will be russian. But be ready, that your ping on our serv will be about 100.
Also we can play on neutral serv. Holand or maybe French.
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hmm this is right....this is why we would play on our server...hmm then we must find a server where we both can god play!
Hm, i think i will find neutral Elnglish serv ;)
Are u agree to play on english serv ?
We will find a solution.. shouldn't be a problem! :)
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I think French serv is the best solution ;)
It's an option. :)

Maybe we both give the others some server and we can check pings?

Is it okay?
Yes, sure.
But IF we play with you guys at german serv, u will play with us at Russian serv. here you can check one of them :)

If u dont want to play on it, then help me to find a neutral French or English serv. here is one french serv. I think i can ask serv owner to give us this serv on our match. Our pings there 70-85.
So... i think your pings will be even better, but it's good anyway if difference in ping is not so big as on German serv. Thats why i'm want to play all match on serv like this ;)
I'll check soon xD
Guys, can we play at 4th or 5th Feb ?
Good time for us is 20:00 cet.
Oke, lets play today.

Here is neutral english serv.
pw: newbie13

Play there all match if u dont want 50/50.

If u want to want 50/50 our serv will be russian:
PW: corw13

We will wait u on english serv at 21:00 cet.

Can we start at 20:15 cet ????
One our player has problems with time.
no sry
Oke so we wait u on our serv
pw: newbie13
at 21 cet.
If your ping fine, i hope to play there all match ;)
can we use a new player "Meantime", becouse we haven t got enough players?
Oke. He can play.
If our new can too ;)
Couse we have same situation =)
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we don´t want to play on a server with md5 !!!!!

1) Guys we wait you 40 mins on server...

2) When we start all was ok. And then one your player leave and you said he's change hi's config.
Only after that after 17 mins from match was started he got kicked.

3) I try to ask you just play this 3 mins after that go on your serv and play other 3 round there. But u want to play with ping difference 10/70 in German serv and with tweaks... omg thats fairplay ? Are you sure ?

Oke... so let's just try to find another match date. I will turn off MD5 tool on my server so you can use your lovely tweaks. But we dont agree to Meantime play he seems to be hard tweaker :p He's banned on 10 days so we dont agree him to play. You can say same about our 5th player - we will get another.

Ping on that serv was on your side - 35/70 so when u can play ?

Oh, btw, i hope to play only 3 rounds, couse we already almost finished first
And please, tell me ICQ, X-Fire or something of your manager wich will be online tomorrow at evening, wich know english. I want just to talk about match date ant time. And about serv.
this is the kick screenshot
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Yes, i remember.


1) You agree to play only 3 rounds, couse we already almost finished first (Score 153:60) ?

2) When we will play ?

3) You agree to play at same server if i turn off md5 tool ?
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Guys, please answer something to me !

Oke, let's just play 6 Feb at 21:00 cet.

Deal ?
^^ hmm i smust speak wih my clan ;)
Oke. We wait for your answer.
Haha oh no Alex you must realize tweaks = win OMG!!!!
yeah... tweaks ftw :P

Really funny that almost all teams now want to use MD5, speaks about fairplay and only guys like HgW just come and say with proud something like "We will use tweaks and play only on our serv where is no MD5, GV, PB Stream) :D
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so by hgw i am the only one who tweak XD and now i am the biggst tweaker in the world because i use it 1 time because of your ultra laggy server

and Ezekiel tweak isn´t = win

you only hit more and die faster so under the line you play with it worster than without

our server stream to PB bans and use MD5

but if we must play on a server who is hosted in a other land like uk or spain and its totally laggy for us i want change something so that i can play like on a normal server in germany
Oke, oke, so we play 6th Feb ????
ehm no sry we cant play on this date we have 2 wars thats to much
so.... WHEN ?????
Alex make a protest as they are refusing to play the match.

Meantime - either find a neutral server, or be prepared to play on a Russian Server. If you can't find a neutral server you must play 50/50, and im sure UFO will be happy to play a Russian server with MD5 just for you....
We will see...

HgW, we must play until 9th Feb !!!!!!!!

9th Feb is a date of next week matches begins !!!

So, 8th Feb is a last date.

We will wait u at 20:00 cet at
pw: newbie13
today is the last day to play this match.
We already wait you on server.......................
Gl tweakers.
We didnt want to won like that by no show... sad but true...
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