Paranoia Gamers vs. Gather-Connection
Contestants Parameters
 15.  3.

 Paranoia Gamers
Status: closed
MatchID 12105727
Date Monday, 09 February 21:00
Calculated Monday, 09 February 22:51
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 292 : 36
camp_gibraltar 256 : 236
Paranoia Gamers wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 09 February 22:52
Round 1*
62 kB, Monday, 09 February 22:52, by 2435842 (Paranoia)
Monday, 09 February 22:52
Round 2*
65 kB, Monday, 09 February 22:52, by 2435842 (Paranoia)
Monday, 09 February 22:51
Round 3*
80 kB, Monday, 09 February 22:51, by 2435842 (Paranoia)
Monday, 09 February 22:51
Round 4*
79 kB, Monday, 09 February 22:51, by 2435842 (Paranoia)
Monday, 09 February 22:52
55 kB, Monday, 09 February 22:52, by 2435842 (Paranoia)
* No longer available


Paranoia Gamers

Paranoia Gamers
31/01/09 15:46
[3.02] get p0wned
Streaming to GGC + PBANS
PW: paranoia
28/01/09 00:38

Pass: joint

Streams: GGC, PB, GV, Md5Check
comments (112)
5vs3? :>
nope, 3 vs 5!!!
ummm maybe 35 vs 0,5 ?
1 on ? Or scared? :D
can your team play at weekends?friday or saturday?
ok,how about monday 9/2 but 20.00cet?
mmh, we think no because or Players will all arrive until 20:00!!

Somebody have to work!!

Monday 9/2 21:00 is ok for play!!
yes mayby ok for you... am start!!!!!my i-net ist am 4-5.02 wieder da!°!!!!!!
we also can play 5 vs. 3
also macro check on
!!! ALWAYS !!!
u remeber what happend last time we played 3vs5? :p I hope u guys have players this time :>
We have, we dont change any date!! We play on monday 21:00

with 5 vs. 5
funny lol...remember sunday battletour
Static for the WIN!!

oohhh REVAN IS BACK! :D:D start:Operation_Human_Shield.exe
1 edits
haha Revan the human shield :D
Mwhaha no chance against my new shielding phalanxXx macro : + 4000 health ; -95% movement speed !
Go go go
1 edits
hahahah ;D
more baserape, more baserape! :>
yes and loose 2 Flags against 3 Players!!

But let´s see what happens!!
uhhmmm?? Im thinking about last nights game against GaTheRcOnneCtIon m8 ^^ Super fAIL @ Verdun haha!
Hehe ^^ how to get from 180 : 60 into 4 : 20 ? xD
( just install rocket in your ass, then is flag capturing much faster and easier ^^ )
mayby we lost those 2 flags against your 3 players,because nobody wasent defending flag,but first round in berlin was so awesome XD
Yes u play nice Match, the only one u can is to make baserape

After 10 minutes disconnet from xploser, for sure he has I-Net problems!!

Cu at the Cupmatch!!
well i can tell...he was dropped to offline,his net crashed..thats it,we dont need to lie about it
hahahahahah xD ur so funny.. U can ask hole paranoia team, my internet is not so stabil ;d
The Rest of Match it was always ok!! Is ok Xploser everybody knows what i mean
Well trust me we werent happy loosing 180 - 60 and having one player disconnect form both server and ventrilo ... And then there was no other choice to get your tickets down than to baserape ^^ Still dont know why is everyone so upset about it, its common tactic, ppl camp the respawns on the central ( camp gibraltar ) flag too, so why not the others ? ;)

Btw xpLo takes drugs to play better but sshttt
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"The Rest of Match it was always ok!! Is ok Xploser everybody knows what i mean"

i dont really get ur point?? plz tell me??? What can i do when my internet fAILED?
Who types next comment is LOW xD ( gogo xpLo )
i have 8mbit/s witch I share with 3 other computers,
srry that my internet failed?? what do u want me too do?? There is not so much i can do except w8ing for internet to reb00t, and that takes about +5min
#37 another nice spamline, btw xpLo always kicks his computer when he's angry so hes getting disconnected
no i go and kick my brother for crashing the net by his downloads :p
Same thing !
baseraping is always allowed... Also against GC ;)
Its funny to see how Spazebite cant understand that noone cares what he writes, cause hes low :DD He was with tweaks and he'll ever be... lololol :x
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"baseraping is always allowed"
Spam too. :D
Baserape <3
Only low teams let others to baserape on them... :)
well i can tell spazbot is 100% default..and thats true:)
but funniest thing is,so many of these "default" teams say:we are default and we use macro kick & md5....omg i can say only LOL,that is so bullshit XD
1 edits" target="_blank">Sure Schweinhund? k...
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Low ford! I was kicked over a half year ago after i completly reinstalled bf2! Haha and dont forget to tell everyone that you was kicked too from the server with the same reason!!!
If you mean <3 :D
Ford just shut up and back to your corner! Maybe you should go and play more CS for holding high your kiddyskill!!
ford,do you try to say that in your team,is full of default players? 8)
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