define-gaming BF2142 vs. Beyond-Gaming eSports
Contestants Parameters
 26.  50.

 define-gaming BF2142
 Beyond-Gaming eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 12105716
Date Monday, 16 February 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 19 February 01:05
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Result Media
verdun 1 : 0
tunis_harbor 1 : 0
define-gaming BF2142 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 18 February 20:28
257 kB, Wednesday, 18 February 20:28, by 3103651 (dG.)
Wednesday, 18 February 20:23
61 kB, Wednesday, 18 February 20:23, by J0hn-Grimm (dG.)
* No longer available

define-gaming BF2142


[3.02] Party-Squad 2142
Streaming to GGC+ PBBANS + cfg M5D-Check+ pb_sv_restrictions 2
comments (13)
hi, we can not play on monday sry

maybe 21.02.09 20:00 ?
hello ?
play on monday the 16.02.09 ?
I dont know if we will be enough players today and you seem to have problems today as well, add Don Pelayo in xFire and speak with him this afternoon, he will be online around 19:00, if we cant meet today I think the best time is on friday.
don pelayo is not online :(
Maybe we can play on friday.
you are really fast!
@21:30 you answer

maybe wednesday on 18.02.09 20:00 CET
play on 18.02.09 20:00 CET

pw: definegaming00
can you play on 18.02.09 ?

or write another day pls!
[3.02] Party-Squad 2142
Streaming to GGC+ PBBANS + cfg M5D-Check+ pb_sv_restrictions 2
pw: definegaming00

Today at 20:00
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sry wrong pw

PW is definegaming
Default win to define-gaming BF2142,
no show for Beyond-Gaming eSports
Why have we to play on wednesday? I mean, we say that we can play on friday, then you say that we could play on wednesday, the next comment you say that the date is official, and the next comment you say that is a noshow, do you play and decide the match date alone??. We could play on friday, and we can play tomorrow.
i have ask you on 16.02.09 when we should play!
and on 21.02.09 19:00 you answer

the same shit was on monday NIce TEAM
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