In Memory of BF-PAC vs. Our BF2142s memories
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 In Memory of BF-PAC
 Our BF2142s memories
Status: closed
MatchID 12105715
Date Monday, 16 February 21:00
Calculated Monday, 16 February 21:13
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verdun 0 : 1
tunis_harbor 0 : 1
Our BF2142s memories wins !
Points 0 : +3

In Memory of BF-PAC

Our BF2142s memories

In Memory of BF-PAC
16/02/09 14:28

Our team isnt as activ as it should, so you will get a def-win for this match.

hf gl at your matches :)
comments (27)
yeah ^^ triggy and co.....
neutral server or 50/50 ?
booooom chakalaka xD pw phwar
server data:
pw: pcw

omg :x
Since BF.pAc* does not play active anymore i bet on PHANTOMS... gl both d:D
i bet 100E on phantoms :p
LOL ford
we never played against your "legend" team (only excuse or something else) and people tell that you were legend when you were active. Ok, watch the teams you played.. Yes seems to be legends of low+ ; warock, spartan infantry.. congratulation, really!

i hope we will meet another day, seriously and for other HIGH++REALPGM teams, we need train for our next lan, cmon
triggy close your mouth and dont cry like a little child it is ridiculous =D
this game is death
we play this game only sometimes currently and just4fun
we dont play for prices anymore
we all of us have a real life
today i had 10 hours school and now i have do work for a presentation for school
i have no time to play
if you need train for your aiming
you can train here your reflex:

congratz :)
Default win to PHANTOMS.bf2142,
no show for BF PAC - BF2142
bla bla bla ....
another little child cute =)
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je pourrais etre ton reup mi0tnewb
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We only play because of the several lans going there in france :) french bf scene is obviously the most interesting.. still we also play4fun.. we kinda wanted play 4 fun tonight too :)
And don't worry about our lives we also have a real life
Btw you prooved yourself that by not playing against us you don't wanna play "just4fun" but play for the win.
A whiner like you moon stays a whiner.. and gl irl bb :)

But nps bfpac, gl & hf and maybe see you in bf43 :o)
i don't give a shit about your life, i told the truth
and it seems to hurt you ;D
i am dont whining
i wanted to say to ya that i had no time this evening not more!
i dont say that you guys had no real lives but btw for me school is more important for me than playing ufo bf
hämmerle you and your team had a win now so you are lucky
and i'm sure you will win the lans in france :) your team is very good so thats not the problem :)
see you next and hf gl :)
and 2nd litte child i understand you =)
triggy you are 16! so read my 3nd comment
i dont speak about your lives
i talked about my life!
thx gl hf in france
see you maybe in next battlefield! =)
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learn to read and understand, and you'll can feel more higher than me, bob:)
The only one who can pew pew Phantoms are Ases! And you know thats true! Our cheats are better than yours! :D
funny :D
but we know the Truth :) <3
The only one who can pew pew Phantoms are Ases! And you know thats true! Our cheats are better than yours! :D

BF.PACs are seriously legends but of minesweeper... :D

acept the inf ladder match ^^

so GG fantanoobs :D
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