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 We are back
 Missing title
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MatchID 12105703
Date Monday, 23 February 21:00
Calculated Saturday, 28 February 21:39
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cerere_landing 0 : 1
camp_gibraltar 0 : 1
Missing title wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
Saturday, 28 February 22:17
669 kB, Saturday, 28 February 22:17, by Troy4eg (-=cORw=-)
* No longer available

Missing title

We are back

comments (29)
hi guys^^
hi, do you have a server?
[3.02] -=cORw=- clanmod server
Streaming to PBBANS
PW: corw13
Stream: http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-77-220-180-192-17567.html

But maybe at 23rd February we'll get another European server, so let's talk about it later.
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is it a russian server?
btw, we'll play cerere landing =D
lol) Yes, it's a russian server.
maybe you better play on a neutral server. might ask Amigos from Karma (UK server) for example. you can also play at WoD-server if you want.

GL + HF to both teams
quote[you can also play at WoD-server if you want.]quote No-no-no-no-no, no Team-WoD server!! :D I don't know why, but I've got HORRIBLE lags there (on a server we were playing gather yesterday, your another server seems to be ok for me). And I'm not going to play on a German server against any German team^^
Neutral servers ftw! )
do you know anybody with neutral server?
Yes I know, I'll ask today.
we cant play on monday, maybe tuesday?
Ok 19-00 CET?
21 cet
are barred players allowed to play?
>>21 cet
Too late. It's 23-00 Russian time, we'll ginish at 1-00 our time, and 6-00 I'm already have to wake up to go to work) 20-00 cet?
>>are barred players allowed to play?
Yes, gubgubgib can play.
ok thx...im back at 20:15, so we cant play tomorrow
maybe wed.day or maybe at the weekend?
Saturday 20-00 CET?
do you have a neutral server?
if not we have to play 50/50

or maybe on a polish server
Game Server:
[3.02] .pl Born 2 Frag server by woox.pl
Game Type: Battlefield 2142
IP Address:
Port: 17567

pw: elektro
please join at 20.05
Are you SURE you gave me correct ip/port? Pbbans couldn't find such server.
UK server.
pass: pl4fccm
Streaming: http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-81-19-212-53-17637.html
ok your server is better ;)
Default win to CROW Team,
leaving for We are back
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Hi nuMb3r, have you ever read the rules you use to judje with?
crow who was 1one?
n1_oNe = tr33Y
check GUID if u want ^.^
Lol I didn't undestood what you was asking about)))
I'll upload pb_plist.
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