Missing title vs. We are Gamers - Honorary
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 Missing title
 We are Gamers - Honorary
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MatchID 12105701
Date Monday, 16 February 21:00
Calculated Friday, 20 February 20:13
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verdun 0 : 1
tunis_harbor 0 : 1
We are Gamers - Honorary wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
Friday, 20 February 20:02
tracert 2 UK server*
238 kB, Friday, 20 February 20:02, by Troy4eg (-=cORw=-)
* No longer available

We are Gamers - Honorary

comments (25)
hi guys^^
Hi :]
Let's play this match in neutral China server :)
Lol) I think any German/Netherlands server will be neutral enough))))
We have an uk server :]
China server rulez :)))
Kamchatka server is much better)
Btw we can't play 16th February so lets chose another date.
Sunday 15 or Sunday 22?
A bit reminder:
Matches can be delayed seven days, no more. You can play ultil february 23.

Good luck and have fun.
UK Server:
GamingDeluxe Team ASES

You will play tomorrow?
quote[Btw we can't play 16th February so lets chose another date]quote
Can you play on Friday?
...why you didnt answer before????? i have more things to do,and i dont have to pay attencion on this, i run this evening to go to my house thinking that it will be played ¬¬....GL
quote[...why you didnt answer before?????]quote
Are you asking to me?
sorry, i tryed to edit but it was too late, i mean your team..
I'm a war arranger of my team, so it was adressed to me. Well, if you read comments to this match, you'll see that I've tryed to talk to your team about the date more than 10 days ago. And there were no responce. So I don't understand what are you talking about.
Don't worry about frenetyko, he is under drugs effects and maybe alcohol too :)
Ok, so, can you play on Friday?
yep friday at 20:00 cet more or less?
20-00 cet.
kk see u :)
Hi guys. I'm VERY sorry, but can't play today, because our service providers seems to be fat ugly gays)) Now I've got a ping 200 to Germany & ping 480 + 32% packetloss to your server. Similar situation with Shmel & Trey. So we have only 3 players today, I think that we both understand that it's not enough) So it's a default win 4 you, because we can't play on this weekend :( Very stupid situation. Sorry.
hmmm fucking connections... :/
I'll challenge you in ladder later)
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