CoKe Skilled 3v3 vs. MaxFloPlaY.bf2142
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 6.  18.

 CoKe Skilled 3v3
Status: closed
MatchID 14748415
Date Wednesday, 29 July 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 29 July 21:34
map Camp Gibralta (16)
teamsize 3on3
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166 : 124
196 : 0
CoKe Skilled 3v3 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 29 July 21:26
134 kB, Wednesday, 29 July 21:26, by 3102001 (CoKe^)
Wednesday, 29 July 21:25
Round 1*
79 kB, Wednesday, 29 July 21:25, by 3102001 (CoKe^)
Wednesday, 29 July 21:26
Round 2*
81 kB, Wednesday, 29 July 21:26, by 3102001 (CoKe^)
* No longer available

CoKe Skilled 3v3


comments (60)
Hoi Babes!
a neutral server plz =D
hsdfjbahdbasdbas ?
ioasfgjdsvgma indeed
y German server plz would be fair >.<
:P dutch/german sounds good to me
maybe ?

[3.02] BF2142 War Server @
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we shall see =D
PvP server pls.
mmo's word for player versus player ( mmo's geeeek )
teRRor 50/50 it's better our is in germany to good ping but not for us and 28.07 server was shut down ... i will start server in Poland :) that ping will be fair for 50/50 option
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How will that be fair? I ping 40 to uk server probably lower than some of you and for me and the rest of the guys to connect to a polish server its a ping of at least 100 if you are goin to play dirty and try and get a win by doing that i promis you i will get the most ridiculous server for us where we ping 50 and u ping 150 take it or play neutral as pings are even on a dutch or german server, and me in any german server i get a ping of 60 at least..... Which is more than likely lower than all of yours
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the ping cant be 2x higher.

i have 60 latency on polish server, 70+ on any other.

go and play "dirty" ^^
We are not playing 50/50.

Elex you know how shit Polish servers are, Poland cheated UK in Nations Cup and it is stupid to cheat again.

In Polish servers you get around 30ping whereas we get around 100+, in UK servers we get around 30ping and you get 50.

So how about play it fair and go on a German server, German server means Polish players also get around 30ping and we will get around 40ping.
well if u want it that way, i guess u will be playing some very nice players, i were going to give u guys a chance as i thought u were nice guys, but now pff u just earnt yourselves a gaurentee'd loss, congratulations <3

sry for bad spelling ive been out drinking for 30 hours
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You fail mitch, stop being argumentative and try and look for a better solution than baiting them.

and NEVER say guaranteed win/loss before a game. Nothing is guaranteed.


Although I do think a neutral server is the better option, given that more than half our active players will ping over 120 (some up to 160) on the Polish server, which will be unplayable compared to your 80-90 on (at furthest distance), a UK server. Let's be sensible about this and get as fair a game as possible. Do some ping tests on neutral servers and see if there's an acceptable middle-ground.
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yeah sorry about the last comment a little too much beer xD but back out down to cleethorps w00t ciao
GoGo Stormscale Elex ^^
Who will play in Your team ? What server will be neutral :) in Germany ok but Haxy have god ping ;) in France -> Triggy :) UK .. rest ;D if You find neutral ping when @ll players from Your and our team have ping like 50 ms or max 10% difference (example You 50 ms -> We 55 ms) .. but one more thing ping is not important like traceroute and packet lost ... we could compare traceroute to server by Winmtr program and I'm sure that we have ping 50ms to England server but 10-12 gateways and 3-4 have 60-70% packetlost so we have mega lags (ping 100 but no packetlost are better) ... but we could check Yours and Our traceroute and we decide what server will be neutral for both side :)

My tracerout to Your server - mega lags on 2 gateways 187 ping and 40-50 packet lost ...

Host % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last 0 19 19 0 0 0 0 0 19 19 0 0 0 0 17 18 15 0 4 16 16 0 18 18 0 11 16 15 0 18 18 0 12 16 0 0 18 18 31 31 32 31 40 18 18 31 52 187 47 50 18 18 31 58 141 47 0 18 18 31 45 63 47 0 18 18 31 41 47 31
Hi heroes of dead game.
Stop crying on pings, servers and just play it, 4fun...

BF2141 is dead so:
P.S. Lolyn, if u want a really fair game... come lan party. Polish inet is the worst inet in europe so we suck online:P
i go lan in uk but u gotta make the trip
But Yazi if you don't care about pings and want to play it for fun, play a neutral server (which in any case would be a German server). That would be the best situation as an overall for both teams =P

I would happily LAN, i might actually have good hitreg =) =)

ps: heroes of dead game??? Yes bf2142 is dead, but the majority of this team played back when it was active ^^ I myself have been inactive in BF2142 for over a year now, i stopped playing properly after CB nations cup =) =)
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Elex is OP <3
I will crash and destroy and uuu... shiny : D
master here, conflicts here
Hi heroes of dead game. I lol'd

ps: heroes of dead game??? Yes bf2142 is dead, but the majority of this team played back when it was active ^^ I myself have been inactive in BF2142 for over a year now, i stopped playing properly after CB nations cup =) =)

I lol'd

go go cros =D
boring just play why care still about pings u polish when u always have to play with that perhaps .cz
I pwn with ping over 100 all the time :S
As i said before:

I see your Care-O-Meter shows fucking HIGH...
Nope i haven't particularly cared about bf2142 in a long time, im just trying to make it a fair and even game ^^

Cros.....Ya Ma <3
I LOVE YA MA!!!!!!

ps: I also love Dan Crosland <3
I like cookies.

ps: get to da chooopa!
Arcane Mage Faceroll =)
Gnome Hustler.

new hero class
Hi. Can we please play this match 21:00 cet instead of 20:00?
no idea.

I think not.
21:00 would be best for us, but if you cannot play that late, can you play 20:30?
hmm :/ 21:00 i got raids and that stuff xd

Learn this before the match! I'll check ur knowledge about it! :D
Can you please answer? Is 20:30 ok or what?
Ulduar 25 today.

Gl m8's

I talked with Mitchy, we can't play at 20:30
Y Ulduar today :<

Let it be.

20:30, map tunis.

[13:41] plaY^ eLx: lets play tunis at 20:30
[13:41] plaY^ eLx: k ?
[13:41] MitChy*: sure
[13:41] plaY^ eLx: :)
ok guys, in agreement, we play at 20:30 CET and map will be tunis
[3.02] BF2142 War Server @

its .de server, btw :)
defi only ofc
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