Hydropolyph vs. NeXuS Strife
Contestants Parameters
 33.  63.

 NeXuS Strife
Status: closed
MatchID 11418337
Date Friday, 21 November 20:30
Calculated Friday, 21 November 21:11
map Tunis Harbour (16)
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Result Media
178 : 121
Hydropolyph wins !
Points +15 : -15
comments (11)
Hi !

Sorry dude I don't play today. I'm not in my home. I don't know if I'll play tomorrow, I have trouble with my computer. :s

Finaly I'll play today.
Ip ?
I thought you have an server??
Not i haven't :`|
I have only s server with map Camp Gibraltar
No prob, we play on Camp
ok thank you moment then i´ll give you ip and pw
Ok no prob
Hey we play on the GatherConection Server
PW: uturn

GGC stream i think thats okay or??
We played Camp
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