Community Mixed 2011 - The Big Conquest Battle
Blasting bombs and rockets, hot fire of machineguns and rifles, dust and the sound of hell when the tank drives by. Speedy jeeps and endless salvos of the antiair. Let's play and enjoy Battlefield 2 Conquest, together! Join this community event and play with mixed teams a skillfull clanwar. Set your name on the list and be ready for the 14th august 2011! The hole event is supported by a live stream from RushTV!
Set your name on the list and be ready for the 14th august 2011! The hole event is supported by a live stream from RushTV! To answer the upcoming questions, just check out the following answers!

What game mode will be played?

12on12 Conquest will be currently played, if we are able to gather more people we can expand it to 16on16 with even more than 2-3 teams! So join up to push the mode to 16on16!

How can i join the player list to take part?

Sign up here:

Playerlist Thread

Sign up on the list as a player or/and team leader. If you want to be a player, you are in the pool of players for the different mixed team. If you are experienced enough to lead a 12on12++ team to the battle then don't wait to sign up as a team leader for one of those teams!

How are the teams made?

After the sign ups are finished, the different team leaders choose their players one by one out of the pool. The teams will be chosen by the mode (A-B-B-A-A-B-B-etc.)

Which tournament mode will be played?

According to the number of teams we will play a direct match or a small tournament tree in which each team plays against each other. We would like to play 2 maps a match to get the awesome conquest experience.

Where can i find the RushTV stream for the event?

Check out this link to get directly to the RushTV stream:

RushTV stream

The Sign ups will end on the 10th august 2011 so that the team leaders got time to check out their team and tactics! The first action rounds will start on sunday the 14th august at 19:00 CET, so be ready a few minutes before to get all stuffs together. More information about the event will be send to you by email when you have signed up!

See you on the battlefield!

Coci and Santaure.

Your Battlefield 2 Admin Team

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Coci, Sunday, 24/07/11 06:25
RushTV Stream
Sign up-Thread!
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how comes people even consider its going be worth enough being streamed?:P
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Nice plan, but I'm on holiday then. :>
GL with that, that game died along time ago.
got more people playing it daily than alot of games of recent times - not as dead as you think in a community aspect. I'll be there just for the shizz and giggles :)
I would have totally loved participating in this, but I'll be prepping gamescom that night. Sucks! I hope you'll do it again later.
gg bf2 people! i was so confussed whole game..
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