Power Gaming BF2 vs. BLAHBF2
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 Power Gaming BF2
Status: closed
MatchID 15748636
Date Wednesday, 04 November 20:30
Calculated Tuesday, 10 November 22:14
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Result Media
Sharqi Peninsula 163 : 186
Gulf of Oman 156 : 164
BLAHBF2 wins !
Points 0 : +3
Tuesday, 10 November 21:55
175 kB, Tuesday, 10 November 21:55, by tqL (blah)
Tuesday, 10 November 22:02
Scoreboard Sharqi*
88 kB, Tuesday, 10 November 22:02, by james (blah)
* No longer available
26/10/09 12:52

MaTcHrEpOrT » TeAm cOoLeRmAsTeR Vs. PoWeR-GaMiNg

nAmE: pOwEr gAmInG PrIvAtE By hOsTeRs.aT
pW: tBa
sTrEaM: tEaM-RuSh

PoWeR-GaMiNg || PrElImInArY LiNe uP
» PwR. pR3To’
» PwR. gEnO
» PwR. bOrN
» PwR. pIlOtE
» PwR. vOrTy

StAtEmEnT – 1sT MaTcH PrEmIeRsHiP SeAsOn i
fInAlLy iT'S DoNe aNd aLsO ThE PrEmIeR LeAgUe iN ThE InFaNtRy sEcTiOn iS GoInG LiVe nOw.
As iN ThE CoNqUeSt pReMiErShIp wE WiLl pLaY 9 MaTcH VeRsUs sTrOnG AnD WeLl kNoWn tEaMs. In tHe fIrSt mAtCh wE WiLl pLaY Vs tEaM-CoOlErMaStEr, A WeLl kNoWn tEaM In tHe wHoLe cOmMuNiTy. ThEsE GuYs aRe pReTtY SkIlLeD AnD OwN A LoT Of eXpErIeNcE Of tHe gAmE TyPe 5On5 NoN-FbF, sO It wOnT’T Be eAsY FoR Us.
On tHiS EvEnInG We wIlL PlAy gUlF Of oMaN AnD ShArQi pEnInSuLa, TwO MaPs wHiCh aRe rEaLlY DiFfIcUlT To wIn dUe tO HaViNg tO TrAcK EnEmY SqUaDlEaDeRs aRoUnD ThE VaSt mApS.
aLsO In tHe iNfAnTrY PrEmIeRsHiP Is oUr tArGeT Is cLeArLy dEfInEd aS ThE ViCtOrY AnD ThE FiRsT 3 PoInTs. At lEaSt i wAnT To sAy gL AnD Hf tO ThE CoOlErMaStEr gUyS AnD LoOk fOrWaRd tO An eXcItInG LiVe sTrEaM FrOm tEaM-RuSh fOr tHe cOmMuNiTy.

AfTeRmAtCh sTaTeMeNt - 1St mAtCh pReMiErShIp sEaSoN I

xFiRe: VoRtIcEgOtSaUsAgE
XfIrE: tErIaNeR - Pr3tO’
iRc: #pOwErGaMiNg @ qUaKeNeT
PoWeRgAmInG PoWeReD By sTeElSeRiEs

PoWeR-GaMiNg iS SpOnSoReD & SuPpOrTeD By
» sTeElSeRiEs
Power Gaming BF2
25/10/09 11:36

MATCHREPORT » Team Coolermaster vs. Power-Gaming

Name: Power Gaming Private by Hosters.at
Stream: team-rush

Power-Gaming || Preliminary Line Up
» PwR. pr3tO’
» PwR. Geno
» PwR. Born
» PwR. Pilote
» PwR. vorty

STATEMENT – 1st Match Premiership Season I
Finally it's done and also the Premier League in the Infantry section is going live now.
As in the Conquest Premiership we will play 9 match versus strong and well known teams. In the first match we will play vs Team-Coolermaster, a well known team in the whole community. These guys are pretty skilled and own a lot of experience of the game type 5on5 Non-Fbf, so it wont’t be easy for us.
On this evening we will play gulf of oman and sharqi peninsula, two maps which are really difficult to win due to having to track enemy squadleaders around the vast maps.
Also in the Infantry Premiership is our target is clearly defined as the victory and the first 3 points. At least i want to say GL and HF to the Coolermaster guys and look forward to an exciting live stream from team-rush for the community.

AFTERMATCH STATEMENT - 1st Match Premiership Season I

xfire: vorticegotsausage
xfire: terianer - pr3tO’
IRC: #powergaming @ Quakenet
powergaming powered by steelseries

Power-Gaming is sponsored & supported by
» steelseries
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