Warrior vs. t n X
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 0.  31.

 t n X
Status: closed
MatchID 12663976
Date Thursday, 26/02/09 07:30
Calculated 26/02/09 08:00
map Strike at Karkand(16)
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118 : 147
t n X wins !
Points -24 : +24
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comments (4)
could we use your server because if we would have to use mine i wouldnt be sure if its free and its somewhere in poland so im having pings of 100+; sucks...
;D kk

nehmen wir meinen xD
kb auf englisch :D

Passwort: penisdreck
lol was für ein pw :D
ok muss meiner Mom helfen
dauert nochmal ne halbe stunde kk :D

thx ich forder mal um
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