Federal Battlefield Institute vs. RIVERA team
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 Federal Battlefield Institute
 RIVERA team
Status: closed
MatchID 6177654
Date Wednesday, 30 May 20:30
Calculated Saturday, 02 June 23:11
teamsize 8on8
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Gulf of Oman (16) 225 : 0
Dalian Plant (16) 204 : 0
Federal Battlefield Institute wins !
comments (64)
hf both... =)
maps ?
2x Wake Island. xD
wanna jalalalallalalal
you must confirm the war for see the map list.
we have no open matches, so no chance to confirm anything, lol. i love this esl cup-script... bug bug bug bug...
find a date on the comment i will take the date on module, you will the map after
we can play on monday, wednesday, friday, sunday @ 20.30 cet everyweek
sunday 27th 20:30?
sounds good^^
you prefer ger or swe server?
what a question...^^
as german clan we prefer a german server of course :D
but your swedish server would be ok too (if it's still the gamehost one - then ~40-50ms for both teams i guess)
ok np, swe is swe
swe is not swe
xgx server = 280ms ping. gamehost server = 45-50ms ping :D
hi, would it be possible to move to match to wednesday? due to gay german holidays my german teammates can't play today :(
yes, its possible, confirm the date of a match with time pls
ok many thx. wednesday 30th 20:30!

so, we just need an admin to get the maps finally:
ESL Admin VaKarM.H2G Belphe: "find a date on the comment i will take the date on module, you will the map after"
iguana, your map?
aren't the maps given by an admin like in all other esl cup games so far?
dunno, i could choose the map in match accepting...
i was talking to an admin, maps will be given, so nothing to choose ;)
can we play 2 mashtuur ? :D
there is a bug, i wait an answer for repair, i hope today
will be nice if you'll say the maps tonight :/
no maps!! :x
where are maps?
^^ ocs for gays
we are gay...
wtf, protest for admins, admins - go and kill yourself, you should be mega brainy guys, only you can tell the maps for teams in match day...
esl cups are becomes so worse and worse
dear admins where i can download map with name "Random" ? :C
worried because you couldnt train the maps? ^^
wow cool, random teh best map i have ever played in my entire life... it's even better than stalingrad, karkand, berlin and mashtuur together :D

hf and enjoy "random"
random -> we'll throw a dice for knowing the tickets
nice maps :)
well, gulf and dalian finally :D
nice maps :)
edit: sorry for doppel post
its not normal to speak cards in day of game
gratz @ fbi :D
rofl @protest
cu @ final FBI
sprechende karten!! (#44)
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