Give your Feedback about Avalon Heroes on ESL
Just as the topic says, we are looking for your feedback. After a lot action in the ESL Avalon Heroes section that we want to retrospect, we have a lot more still to come. Your feedback is needed to make the section really your section and to build a cool and big community for more cups, tournaments and more!

Just a beta? Cups, raffles and more!

Right from the start of the beta ESL was taken by Avalon Heroes. Winners at the ESL competitions already won cool item sets and test the game already in its closed beta. Have a look at what we've done already:

Avalon Heroes Beta Keys
500 additional Beta Keys
Open Beta Cup #1: The winners
Open Beta Cup #2: The winners
"Choose your Hero"-Raffle
2on2 Opening Cup - Prize: 2x Sennheiser PC350!

Even if this already was quite a lot and some exciting matches have been play, this was only the start. The 2on2 Opening Cup as well as the 2on2 ladder are just a pre taste of what will come in the future!

What's coming up next?

In the next weeks and month we are going to hold Challenges with prizes, cups and a big cup series with prize money to make all you players enjoy the ESL.

But also additional content about Avalon Heroes is just about to be ready. Soon the first part of an interview series with the people behind Avalon Heroes. Where was the development focus of Avalon Heroes? What does Moon think about his very own hero? These and more questions will be answered on the first edition. Do you have any questions for the developers? Then it's your time to ask!

Community Feedback

We would like to split your feedback to two different topics: We want your feedback regarding both the tournaments on ESL as well as eSports in general.

Your feedback is very important to us especially in the beginning of Avalon Heroes on ESL to make the whole section and gaming here on ESL as cool for you as possible. Post you ideas and thought on our Forum. Together we will do a Community Cup that exactly is what most of you want. You decide if it's 2on2, 5on5 or any other mode!

eSports related topics on Avalon Heroes
We will support you not only by hosting cups and tournaments but, as said before, also content that might help you with you game. If you want to support the community to you can post guides for heores, maps and your tactics. We will help you to publish it in the right way.

The interview series with the developers is also planed to be driven by you. We have already done the first set of questions but as you are the players we also want to have you involved. If you have any questions regarding the developement of Avalon Heroes, the dedication to eSports or anything else feel free to post you questions on our Forum.

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Soodi, Friday, 12/02/10 07:26
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this game is boring ;/
yep looks like
wc3 / dota nachmache :D
geiles game<3
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