4706897 vs. edis
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Status: closed
MatchID 21843863
Date Sunday, 06 March 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 06 March 20:16
Round Quarterfinals
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8 : 2
4706897 wins !
Sunday, 06 March 20:00
Left the Game*
426 kB, Sunday, 06 March 20:00, by 4706897
Sunday, 06 March 20:01
Result till he left*
792 kB, Sunday, 06 March 20:01, by 4706897
* No longer available

06/03/11 07:41
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comments (17)
BikeR the rule doesn`t make sense at all. You don`t mean: Both sides-> that would mean that you play 7.5 kills on one side and 7.5 on the other.
You mean 15 on EACH side. Please correct it.
And another point is thtat its not that easy to get 15 kills in 20 min..
Options were: Playtime to 30min, or to change it in it: Get 15 kills on each side or play till the 20 min game time ends. I didnt used dog tags if you think i did. The time was up after 11:8 kills. When both player play silent you dont reach 15 kills in 20 min.
Please change the rules so it makes sense.
Gratz Fwc-DriGGa
1 edits
gl both
u play till 15..then switch sides.


pw : 1221
1 edits
pw doesn`t work.
wait im, goin in game now...had some issue
ah i got it..
next time plz 2x bigger map for 1v1...

sick event rlly
he left after 8:2 till this point: gg
yes gg.

this not about skill/aim...this is about who camps harder in this ridiculous map. rlly cant be fuked with this...gl in next games
RA1DER wrote:
next time plz 2x bigger map for 1v1...

sick event rlly

u mad bro ?

Rage Quit hard?
1 edits
poor raider got outskilled
Mad ? :D
raider,ur just bad,skill up and stop crying like a little biatch ok?thx
You just got outskilled
fanboys appear.
1 edits
4 Penalty points for RA1DER
( left match )
hows stalkin me on esl goin gravity>? wanna touch me>?
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