z4kard vs. 4294239
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MatchID 14760407
Date Sunday, 26 July 22:00
Calculated Wednesday, 29 July 01:07
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ac_arctic 1 : 0
ac_complex 1 : 0
z4kard wins !
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29/07/09 02:24
I really wanted to play this, never wanted someone to get PPs. I waited on IRC 2 days and on esl page for Antin00b to come onlne, then after he didnt show up i aborted the game with player didn show. BUT the next day Antinoob came ONLINE so i pressed the decide new matchday button on the matchdetails, and set it to thursday (i thik thursday or friday). I saw antin00b readet my webmsges, but because he didnt accept the new date the esl page autoclosed it, sorry for this, really wanted to play!
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[00:08] Von ot4@gpc: Are you here?
I wait on

/connect 6010
if full
/connect 6020
if full
/connect 6030
if full
/connect 6040

or search for "ot4ku" in Server Browser, ok?

gl hf
ot4ku cant wait any longer, he goes off, sorry he cant wait any longer... hes still at #one-chat @ gamesurge (on your esl profile) and on #assaultcube @ quakenet (your team profile). If its ok with you, he wants to play tomorrow evening. gn8!"
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So i can write again on the ESL Page, my ban was removed, the Admins made a mistake again :)

I can play mostly every day after 22:00 (GMT +1), i joined your IRC channel #one-chat on gamesurge (on your profile) and also #assaultcube @ quakenet (your team profile).

best regards, Michael
ot4ku wins this match by default
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