Commodore64 Clan   id:  3608101

Name Commodore64 Clan
Shorthandle [C=64]
Registered since 31/10/08
IRC #nighthawk  (GameSurge)
Headquarters  United States
Area/Region International
The Commodore64 clan is a group of international players who play Open Source multiplayer games.
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IRC #nighthawk  (GameSurge)
Gameserver Check our site for a list of our servers!
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Latest matches
  AssaultCube Capture The Flag League Season I
loss   ANGRA  0 Saturday, 21/03/09 19:00 0
loss   Bastard Cubers From Hell  0 Sunday, 15/03/09 13:00 0
draws   DES  + 1 Thursday, 12/03/09 12:00 2