Points System

Everybody's way to the top of the A-Series starts at 0 points. This is both, starting point and bottom line. No matter how many losses you have to suffer, you will never get below zero. The points system is designed in a way, that you will still gather points in the long run, if you lose slightly more than half your matches.

Basically, there are four possibilities to win or lose points: A victory, loss, default loss or draw.

Winning a match will earn you 20 to 30 points depending on the strength of your opponent. If both teams or players had the same amount of ranking points in the A-Series, you would receive 25. The better the opponent, the more points you get.

A lost match will cost you 20 points every time. This guarantees a constant progress for participants with a win ratio of 50% and rewards activity. But if you manage to win the greater part of your matches, you don't have to be afraid of mass gamers to outpace you.

10 points will be split up among both participants, when a match ends up in a tie. This split depends on the respective ranking points. Both teams or players had the same amount of points? Both get 5 points! Team A had more? Team receives 4 points and Team B 6 points. This may look too little, but it is comparable to the gain after one victory and one loss.

Default Loss
Whoever doesn't show up for a match, or breaks a serious rule 25 points. In our opinion this behaviour should be punished more than a common loss, which is a natural part of (e)sports. Nevertheless, the (default) winner will not be punished and receives/keeps the 20 to 30 points they would have received anyway.

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