I want to play!

There won't be no more forced date every week, where you have to play like in the old Amateur Series. If you want to play, all you have to do is sign up for an available date in your division 15 minutes before the date is due (of course, you can also sign off 15 minutes prior). Then the matches for all participants are generated and you can get started.

Example of a divison with three matchdays and four dates

Skillmatching - Oh, not you again.

Your opponent will not be generated by accident. Our skill based matching considers a couple of factors, first of all the respective A-Series points. But it is also important if you already faced a certain team or players multiple times.

It is a matter of fact, that an odd number of players/teams signed up for a date and someone will not get a match. Our skill based matching recognizes how many matches you have played recently and knows if you had to take a forced break before.

I can't make it!

If you have signed up for a date and didn't sign off 15 minutes prior to the match, you will receive a Default Loss. This will not be necessary as participation in all dates is optional. Well, not completely optional. An A-Series will require a minimum activity, which we will elaborate on next time.

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