The construction of the divisions

There will always be an entry division with an unlimited size and open for everyone. Although it is possible, that some communities could require Trusted. The size of the further divisions will depend on the game and its community. Unlike the EAS these sizes will not necessarily double with each division, but can be adjust to the demands of each community.

The entry division marks players, who didn't met the requirement of the higher division.

You will be able to get promoted to higher divisions above the entry division. The best-ranked ones are promoted, if they meet the requirements of the higher division. It is important for us, that the quality of players and teams increases, too. Therefore higher divisions might have additional requirements such as Premium and Trusted. Although you would need those to get promoted, you can still choose to stay in the respective division.

How do you get promoted?

Each division has a specific number of relegated and promoted teams/players. At the time of the division update the best-ranked ones in the lower division are promoted to the division above, and, at the same time, the worst-ranked ones in the higher division are relegated to the division below, even if they have still more points than a promoted team or player. This ensures a top-ranked team or player gets a well deserved reward.

If a top-ranked team or player doesn't met the requirements of the division above, the next team or player in line is promoted. If not enough participants meet requirements, less participants are relegated the lower division.

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