How often do I have to play?

Our so called minimum activity is the required number of matches you have to play in between two division updates. This number isn't set in stone, but can and will be set separately for every division.

The higher and more ambitious a division, the higher the minimum activity is going to be. Beginners can get used to mandatory matches in lower divisions. To play in higher divisions you will not only need more skill, but also a better organisation.

What happens, if not?

We don't want to punish players too hard for failing the minimum activity. There won't be any penalty points. However, there will be somewhat of decay due to inactivity: For every match below the minimum activity of your division you will lose 25 points at the division update - five more points than a regular loss. So, playing is always the better option.

Next to wins, draws and losses default wins will also count to your minimum activity, since it isn't your fault your opponent didn't show up. If you don't manage to play at least one single match in between two division updates, you will be downgraded to a lower division, which will result in a disqualification in the lowest division.


Every four weeks there will be an update in your division (including promotion and relegation). The available dates/times are:

Monday – Friday
  • 8pm
  • 10pm
  • 11.30pm
Saturday & Sunday
  • 3pm
  • 5pm
  • 7pm
  • 9pm
  • 11pm
All times are GMT

Minimum activity is set to 2 matches within division updates. It is up to you, if you participate in all matches available or just a few.

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