7LaiZ vs. TypO team
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 TypO team
Status: closed
MatchID 27606293
Date Tuesday, 08 January 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 08 January 20:28
Round Quarterfinals
map New York
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0 : 1
TypO team wins ! (Default Win)
Tuesday, 08 January 20:12
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294 kB, Tuesday, 08 January 20:12, by GaSPeX (†γρ۝)
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TypO team

08/01/13 13:14

Hi admins,
Hi opponents,

my team is asking to play at 20:20 so we can eat with our family without problems. We hope admin will approve.
ATM WE CAN'T OPEN PROTEST cause no_opponents.

Best regards, LeGaLiiZe
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