What do admins do?
General tasks:
  • Working on tickets via Supportsystem
  • Settling of protests
  • Checking of gameaccount changes and league joins
Other tasks:
  • Planning and supporting cups
  • Special tasks: Anti-Fake, Anti-Cheat, Cheater-Rehab
  • Editorial tasks and design of content sites

How do I become an admin?
Apply now as an admin for one of our game sections.

Our general requirements:
  • Minimum a age of 16 years
  • A good ability to write and understand English
  • A good knowledge of your game and its community
  • A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
  • Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
  • Capability of working in a dynamic team
More details
Why become an admin?
As admin you can support your game section in a more active way. You will get an insight view in the procedures and you will get a nice environment, which will help out if you got questions. You can change something, so do it!

Widespread misunderstandings!
Someone who had penalties before got no chance!
- Wrong. Everyone has a chance. But we are looking at recent missteps.

Those who were rejected once do not need to try it again!
- Wrong. The reason for the refusal can be expired. So just try it again or ask our admins about it.

You need to invest but a lot of time!
- Wrong. Those who are well organized and can adapt to other, need only a couple of minutes every few days.

You heard something and want to know what it's all about? Ask our support, we will add it here gladly.