CdoItalia AAPG vs. OLDPLAYHARD eSports
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 CdoItalia AAPG
Status: closed
MatchID 30049652
Date Monday 19 May 2014 20:00
Calculated Tuesday 20 May 2014 01:07
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3 : 9
3 : 9
OLDPLAYHARD eSports wins !
19/05/14 20:57
uploaded with ESL Wire 2014-05-19_00001.jpg*
352 kB, 19/05/14 20:57, by NighT (OPLAYHARD)
19/05/14 20:56
uploaded with ESL Wire 2014-05-19_00002.jpg*
260 kB, 19/05/14 20:56, by LifrAwH (OPLAYHARD)
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comments (14)
Hi guys, start eliminating please

-Team at the left start eliminate
-2 maps eliminated by each team before picking
-Teams have the side choice in their maps
-Team at the right has the side choice in the overtime map


Our server: open
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Let me understand we have to say 2 maps to eliminate, then you go with others 2 etc?
Yes,but you start eliminating one,and then we do the same.
Ah one us one you. -2 maps eliminated by each team i was understanding each team says 2 maps not one

Our first choose:
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Yes,each team must eliminate two maps,but you are not allowed to say both at the same time.

We choose springstreet.

Your turn now :)
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Inner Hospital
Ok then:

Your map is Shadowstep.
Ours is Watchdog.
OT map is Siege.
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Our server open
Our server: open
we didn't understand the system and i was continuing to eliminate. If you agree we would like choose siege and not shadowstep...leaving it as OT map
Maps will be:

Watchdog and Siege.
OT - Shadowstep.
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