NoPlan vs. Extra Delicious Pancakes
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 Extra Delicious Pancakes
Status: closed
MatchID 29475994
Date Wednesday, 15 January 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 15 January 22:06
Round Quarterfinals
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7 : 9
7 : 9
Extra Delicious Pancakes wins !
Wednesday, 15 January 23:51
Round 1*
244 kB, Wednesday, 15 January 23:51, by 2082273 (Pancakes)
Wednesday, 15 January 23:39
Round 2 - - Kenny*
895 kB, Wednesday, 15 January 23:39, by 2320673 (Pancakes)
* No longer available

Extra Delicious Pancakes


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comments (17)
If you guys are ok with this (and assuming up v 2k2s will be moved to a later time) id like to cast this match (until the up match starts). let me know if that is a problem please. good luck to both teams.
No problem, since we agreed to be streamed by joining this cup. :)
Hi, as we spoke on ts , every possible later time will help us, please give us atleast 30 min (start at 20:30) - best would be later but yea....
Start elimination, please. :)
we terminate siege
We eliminate Watchdog.

we choose SpringStreet
20:30 is ok....if we start at 20:30...not :45 or 21:00 ;)
We choose ShadowStep.

1st map: SpringStreet
2nd map: ShadowStep

OT: InnerHospital

Our server IP:
Password: xpmatch

According to Junior's conversation with you guys, match is going to start at 20:30 CET.

Good luck & Have fun
We can provide a matchserver:
(password will be given via matchchat @ wire)
well played
Very good game! So close match...
We dont sell ourself cheap :D
Won't forget that choke! :-D
JC really missed an awesome match =)
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