NoPlan vs. Hornets
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Status: closed
MatchID 29475986
Date Tuesday, 14 January 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 14 January 22:48
Round Round of 16
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9 : 4
9 : 2
NoPlan wins !
Tuesday, 14 January 22:19
uploaded with ESL Wire 2014-01-14_00004.jpg*
163 kB, Tuesday, 14 January 22:19, by RayMD ([?])
Tuesday, 14 January 22:19
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168 kB, Tuesday, 14 January 22:19, by RayMD ([?])
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Jin Dobre
Hi guys. :)
What would You say about 21:00 CET?
21:00 CET is fine.

We can provide a matchserver:
(password will be given via matchchat @ wire)
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Thanks =) Ok, we can play on Your server.

Although, You can't pick a map now. Left-sided team rejects a map first, so just eliminate one of those:


Then we'll eliminate one map. Just after that comes Yours and our pick ;)

Can't wait to play :>
map distibution Hornets and NoPlan through ESL wire (Hornets has actually no access to match comms):

[20:14:31] SimonSaiz: we eliminate siege
[20:15:25] Lelek: we eliminate InnerHospital
[20:15:59] SimonSaiz: we choose watchdog
[20:16:54] Lelek: we choose SpringStreet
[20:17:06] Flatlander: hehe
[20:17:08] RayMD: so decidermap will be Shadow Step
[20:17:09] SimonSaiz: ok fine so we play watchdog and springstreet
[20:17:11] Flatlander: good choice
[20:17:19] SimonSaiz: confirmed
[20:17:52] Tripple_xXx: we need your confirmation to post it in match comms
[20:17:52] Lelek: ok cya at 21:00
[20:17:56] Lelek: ok
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NoPlan map - Watchdog
Hornets map - SpringStreet

3rd map - ShadowStep

We play at 21:00 on NoPlan server: open
GG Hornets!
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