Local Strategic Terror Squad vs. Lucky13
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 Local Strategic Terror Squad
Status: closed
MatchID 29475978
Date Sunday, 12 January 20:00
Calculated Monday, 13 January 00:54
Round Round of 32
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Result Media
7 : 9
3 : 9
Lucky13 wins !
Sunday, 12 January 22:23
Inner Hospital*
345 kB, Sunday, 12 January 22:23, by 3940371 (.13)
Sunday, 12 January 22:24
338 kB, Sunday, 12 January 22:24, by 3940371 (.13)
* No longer available


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Both teams have to eliminate one map and choose one, the remaining map will be overtime.
Team A eliminates Watchdog, Team B eliminates InnerHospital, Team A picks Siege, Team B picks Shadowstep, overtime map will be Springstreet.
One of the two teams has to upload the screenshots of both map results.
ESL Wire is required and the not use of it may result in a forfeit win if the opposing team open a protest.
Good luck and have fun!
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we eliminate siege !
btw we can play on this server open
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We eliminate Watchdog
we pick springstreet
we pick InnerHospital
Shadowstep is gonna be Overtime map. LSTS is Team A so we start on Inner Hospital followed by Springstreet.
Ok we play on your server.
Well played guys
gg nice players
"There cant be a win without wire running. It doesnt matter opponent protest or not, when wire is mandatory it's a basic rule."

LSTS > Growup by DQ
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