BITANGE vs. Elite Division
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 Elite Division
Status: closed
MatchID 12691095
Date Monday, 20 April 21:00
Calculated Monday, 20 April 22:34
map SF Hospital
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8 : 10
Elite Division wins !

Elite Division

comments (23)
Hi m8,we have very good server , You can check him if you like! See you ;)
OK i'll try it :)
Guys pls i have still problem with equality. I dont know if i will fix it. If not is possible to play without equality? I will have x-ray on and will recording demo...I will understand if not...maybe i will fix it in time but pls let me know...thx.
Hi, try 2 fix it, we play only with max security and all anti cheating programs asked from ESL, sorry but answer is no,

Thanks for your understanding
we are ready on our server...
No problem. I try to fix it...
hospital cup need only Xray...
i told with dirk and he said : u must use X-ray or EQ, but u must say it to your i think that its better for u, if we will play with Xray, becouse we will play without EQ...we wrote to esl forum about our problems, so we can play without EQ...

so what?
i think that Xray is better anticheat program then EQ...
forum link plz.
nobody said that u need both programs, we decided to play with EQ,and after a match with WAW clan, we are not sure that u played without any help,

we think that EQ is better anticheat program then Xray...
Lol. We play clear. So if u want we can wait than creators of equality will help me...just a moment we trying to fix it...
we demand that we all play with Equality, and X-ray, and demorec... all anticheat software and tools... this is ESL match, so lets play fair...

if u got problems with that... well thats just your problem...
9.9. Equality AntiCheatTool

Equality is an Anti-Cheat tool which tries to create a fair environment for competition on the ESL website, monitoring the game and taking random screenshots. For more informations , please read the Disclaimer that users must accept at Equality first installation.
The tool will auto-update everytime an update is available.

Equality is mandatory in all ladders&Cups , if it's not used a protest must be filled within 72 hours from match start.
Users are not allowed to refuse Equality in match settings even if they are experiencing technical issues with it. Should problems arise , users must try to move the match with the opponents' agreement or in case open a protest before the match beginning. Download Equality
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hy all!!!!
Guys pls dont type about WAW clan beacouse ESL admin - Limited.E was quite angry about how WAW clan tried to turn our clean victory on their side, so pls dont mark our team as a cheaters. Thanks.
He will try to fix it. GL and HF friends :)

Best regards
Im ready:-) Equality ready:-) Thx for help guys
GG really.
Great Game Guys GGG :)
sure we will Warmita :-)
great match guys :)
yep GG
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