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MatchID 12691094
Date Monday, 13 April 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 15 April 18:08
map SF Hospital
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Elite Division

We Are Warriors
13/04/09 15:47
Enemy player in our spawn at planning round
Hey guys

if i read the rules right u are not allowed in our spawn in mission planning round
we have a clear screenshot of u in our spawn at mission planning while slayer is asking u whot ur doing here

u guys care to clarefy
last time we played u guys pulled the same stunt

this time u were late
last time the server was not rdy and not on correct round

ur making a mess of it
plz clarefy
Elite Division
13/04/09 16:22
Hi guys
Hi guys :)

We know about this rule, and we didn't do anything bad. It was only Finch, i think, who was on you spawn just for 30sec to make his ping lower (exploring map) and to load the map.
I have no idea, how we could benefit from beeing on your spawn for 30 sec. To be honest guys, that's the last thing, which we would consider as something against rules. But you have a right to come up with your disagreements.

We came late, beacouse we have had a scrim and we had to turn off the game, start the X-ray and than connect to your server. But we should ended the scrim earlier. But our delay was only about 5 or 10 min, which is still by the rules.

If there was, any problem about the server last time you shouldn't play. But you didn't say anything.

Best regards
We Are Warriors
13/04/09 15:37
We like to see youe demorec's
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If we play on our server ???
Password: esl
Ok I'll try it and i let u know :)
can we play it another day pls? u can choose:)
can we play this match this Sunday 12.4.09 at 20:00? That's the best date for us. So try to discus this date and let us know. Thx alot guys :o)
OMG Maty. What about ask of us all? I cant play this Sunday...
sunday is baaad for my i got guests this weekend

and im playing so

if monday is bad for u maybe we can play same time tuesday???
yust let me know

BTW whot happend to VtS?
VTS didnt upload demo of EKH because they didnt record it. Not so good for they but we are lames...thats it...I dont know if EKH played clear but if yes he was so gooood....
At the moment my team is talking about wether we can play on another day
we will let u guys know in advance whot we decide
we have a match on tuesday 14.4. at 21:00 we could play it at 20:00 or days after tuesday
Like i said m8

my team is currently checking if we are willing to change to another date

ill post if we are willing tomorrow

we got to check avalebilety and shit
for now we can not get a full team outside of monday

so we can not rescedule

ok at 21:00 on your server...
sry we are coming...
hey guys its 21.05, 13 of april
match date and time
were are u guys???
comming...sry for late
we like to see your demorec's
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my is up
Topis's demo should be up sometime tomorrow, he went to bed already
sorry only 30 sec you know the rules
It will not lower his ping by going to our spawn.
and why did he shot his 203 of in our spawn, do that lower his ping to, and why did he not need to do it in the first planinground?
Maty: "I have no idea, how we could benefit from beeing on your spawn"
why do you think ESL have that rule?? for fun ???
If u want to argue, that's your choice, but we dont. So you can contact admin to let him make the desicion. :) We haven't done something bad, and you know it. But if you have time for this OK. As I said, Your choice.

Good night
Hi WaW Team,

If you still want to complain about Finch and his running around the map, I'd like to inform you that he was doing the same in the first planning round, except visiting your spawn. You've requested our demos and I've uploaded them so, please, watch Finch's demo where you can see, that he was running around the map in the first planning round as well as in the second one and he's even thrown his 203 and flash granades and he's shot few magazines of bullets.

Best Regards,
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Nice how we all in match writed gl and hf:-)
Here are those X-Ray profiles Admin requested.

Gari - www.xraygaming.com/ index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=64579
Finch - www.xraygaming.com/ index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=64932
Maty - www.xraygaming.com/ index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=63000
Topis - www.xraygaming.com/ index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=28976

Sorry but I had to split them, I couldn't upload it.
heya ed] guys

the first match we told u guys u set the server up wrong and a player was in our spawn.
we yust let it be since we wanna play rather then win.

If im correct the rules say
U can discharge ur weapon and or trow flash/smoke in ur own spawn
ur not premitted to go in the opposings team spawn

to reduce lag on a server there is not need to go to ambush spawn
this is bs, ur telling me that by running in our spawn and trowing a flash/smoke on the ground help with his lag???
this wile u guys had pings of around 13
we will talk about this intern and prob contact esl admin about this

with regards
Can u tell me why u still spam this chat? Protest is in progress....so better waste your time at aa and maybe u cannot send protests in future:-)))
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