Vts Team.- vs. Elite Division
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 Vts Team.-
 Elite Division
Status: closed
MatchID 12691092
Date Monday, 06 April 21:00
Calculated Monday, 06 April 22:13
map SF Hospital
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Elite Division wins !

Elite Division

comments (15)
Hi guys IP:

GL and HF cya there :o)
~199 ping :) try ours
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I think that server is one of the best in czech republic. We will try yours....but i think it will be same...
can we play on Tuesday at 20:00 pls? becouse we will play EMS on Monday...
We cant play at tuesday man, we dont have players to this day :S
Guys you have a week to reschedule, your next match after this one would be on the 13th of April, so you have plenty of time and days to reschedule ;)
i think we can play on monday, cause ems is on sunday :) so NP
Then where and when we play?
Monday 20:00 we can use our server. Its not problem or we can try pings on yours. If will be bad pings on bouth we can try some neutral. Ok?
Monday at 21.00 man, we can not play at 20.00. Regards.
We will w8 on our server to see your pings, we cant play on ur server with ~200 ping :)
we are waiting on your server:)
upload that demo pls, thx
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