PEACE eSports vs. We Are Warriors
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 PEACE eSports
 We Are Warriors
Status: closed
MatchID 12691091
Date Monday, 06 April 21:00
Calculated Tuesday, 07 April 01:19
map SF Hospital
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0 : 1
We Are Warriors wins !
PEACE eSports
07/04/09 04:13
match hospital cup
we lost the match and we took 3 penality points because we didn't come .

but we were playing the EMS qualifier 3, so what should we did?

plz could you ask to remake the match and remove pp.
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Who's server do you want to play on?
we don't have any server atm so yours ;)
rgr password: esl
Hey, we might not play this evening, because we got a match for EMS Qualification. But if we loose after 2 matchs, we will can play today.
We will give more informations later !
We can't play this evening. Can we play tomorrow at 21.00 CET ?
We follow rules
u can t change a match 45 min before start
if u do not show up today we will see this as a forfait
Can't play. Please report, we have EMS Qualification !
whot report??
if we do not play at 21.00 we will report a no show

we have nothing to do with ur ems qualification

be fair plz, play tomorrow ...
dates were set even before tourney

our players can not change on a dime we have famelies and jobs

plz report ur loss
admins will decide
We are Warriors doesn't want to reschedule and that is their right. I know you were playing the EMSQ3 but you could have asked to reschedule this match much earlier. The result stays.
the problem isn't the match result but penality point !!!!

Why should we get 3 penality point.
we can't play anything now.

so we lost the match but get penality points back
thkx admin
OMG nice décision and nice fair play WAW ....
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