Special Ground Forces vs. We Are Warriors
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 Special Ground Forces
 We Are Warriors
Status: closed
MatchID 12691089
Date Monday, 30 March 21:00
Calculated Monday, 30 March 21:55
map SF Hospital
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4 : 8
We Are Warriors wins !
comments (15)

I will post the server details soon pw: heineken
rgr we will see you at 20:00
it says 21:00 ?
btw, our server is down atm. do you have one just in case it stays down?
yep setting it up now.
ok, thx
If our server is still down at 21 we will play on your server....I will post here than
our server is ready M8 pls Join!!
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the match starts at 21:00...sry
Match is 20:00Hrs we are waiting!! please Join!!!
These are my details haha they are f***** up!!!

MatchID 12691089
Date Today, 30/03/09 18:00
Calculated 30/03/09 18:00
map SF Hospital
yeah kinda weird but it says 21:00 in the details and not all 4 of us are ready atm...we will join asap and 21:00 at the latest
sounds great FALKE
we take ur server if it is up??
4:8 gg
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