Vts Team.- vs. BITANGE
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 Vts Team.-
Status: closed
MatchID 12691086
Date Monday, 30 March 21:00
Calculated Monday, 30 March 20:57
map SF Hospital
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4 : 8
BITANGE wins !
comments (9)
try this server
where is that server located?

One question, could we play on the same date but at 20:00?
no way we are from Croatia and will not play on esp server... sry ping is like 150 there...

we have server in Germany, we can play on our server...

we can play at 20:00 if you wish :)
this server is fine, we play there ^^

I cant change the date of match. However we will play at 20:00 ok? :D

Best regards ;D
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its a deal ;)

Monday, 30/03/09 20:00

see you there...
ready :)
Sorry people i lost my LAST ROUND screen shot :'(

GG u won 8-4 :)
thx for nice gaming, hard game
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