Special.Force Clan War vs. Special Ground Forces
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 Special.Force Clan War
 Special Ground Forces
Status: closed
MatchID 12691081
Date Monday, 23 March 20:00
Calculated Friday, 20 March 20:18
map SF Hospital
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0 : 1
Special Ground Forces wins !
comments (5)
We declare forfeit !!!

The administrators of the ESL having us to penalize for cheat not prove. We decided to leave the competition.

GG ^^

I have to bring in the score 14 - 0 for you (Special Ground Forces)
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rgr....SGF wins 14-0 due to a forfeit...cya next time
why did you put -$.F- in round 3 of the LB?
we did 'win'
pls check this ;)
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