Raztural Te Je vs. Belgian Special Gameforces
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 Raztural Te Je
 Belgian Special Gameforces
Status: closed
MatchID 12691078
Date Monday, 16 March 20:00
Calculated Monday, 16 March 21:01
map SF Hospital
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8 : 5
Raztural Te Je wins !

Raztural Te Je

comments (7)
If u like we have matchserver, else post yours ;)

IP =

gl hf
hey...our server is

try it ;)
Ok, c ya there ;)
I checked the ESL rules, please read rule:

10.2.1. Choice of server: "Show some Sportsmanship and use a DE, NL or UK server"

So please use our UK server, it's a very good one ;)
IP =

Server is setup completely by the rules
ESL Cvars 1.1 are installed
14 rounds (7 rounds escort/7 rounds ambush)
4 min/round
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Server which fits the most for both teams will be used!
They have pings of 18-23 on our server
We have pings of 20-35 on their server (even when RTH isn't on the server)
8-5 you win ;)

GG, glad we're of this Pub map Series ^^
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