Special.Force Clan War vs. BITANGE
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 Special.Force Clan War
Status: exception
MatchID 12691073
Date Monday, 16 March 20:00
Calculated Monday, 16 March 20:54
map SF Hospital
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Special.Force Clan War

comments (8)
Hey mate ^^

GG for last round ....

GL and HF ^^
we also have very good server , I will check your server and let you know...
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where is you server located?

We are from Croatia and ping on your server is very high for us, we have server in germany and I see you are from France and Belgium so our server is somwhere in the middle and all will have good ping there...
I see you have banned players for cheating in your team so we want to play on ACI/AON protected server visible on HAZARD and there is no other option!
we are ready on our server...
We declared, further to them charges, failed for this competition but we can play all the same the Match with you as Friendly match if you still wish it.

We can play on your server: Password=eslwar
If you are ready, we shall also be him..
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no friendly sry

we can play the match for hospital CUP without your banned players...
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I'm sorry but i understand..
Its Match for fun, not for ESL..
we are ready & we search sub..
Hf & Gl
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