Klan Sami Swoi vs. PEACE eSports
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 Klan Sami Swoi
 PEACE eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 12691071
Date Monday, 09 March 20:00
Calculated Monday, 09 March 21:10
map SF Hospital
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Result Media
3 : 11
PEACE eSports wins !
comments (7)
Could it be late 22:00 ?
No sry the match begin at 20:00 ;)

Where is hosted your server ?

Our server is good

we're on the left side so we give serwer ;)
It Couldnt be later 21? because bigest part of our team still working...
no sorry because some players have to go at 8:45

On our server first ( 7 rounds )and 7 round on your server
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We are on server pls join
Good match

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