Belgian Special Gameforces vs. Special.Force Clan War
Contestants Parameters

 Belgian Special Gameforces
 Special.Force Clan War
Status: closed
MatchID 12691065
Date Monday, 09 March 20:00
Calculated Monday, 09 March 21:13
map SF Hospital
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4 : 9
Special.Force Clan War wins !

Special.Force Clan War

comments (9)

Ty mate

GL and HF
GG, nice shots from $ion! Actually they all were hs ...

But we'd like to see demorec of -$.F-^$ion;-
cause we were very impressed!

Grtz, Jigs
hey guys is not 9-4, 10-4 For us ..
2 edits
Don't forget the upload the demo of $ion as requested by Jigs
hehe beau gossss

For download demorec of -$.F-$ion^
thx and gl in your next matches ;)
TY mate ^^

You too
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