The SMURFS vs. Czech StaR Team
Contestants Parameters
 10.  16.

 Czech StaR Team
Status: deleted
MatchID 21372583
Date Saturday, 05 February 20:30
Calculated Saturday, 05 February 20:30
map Dusk(3min)
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Result Media
9 : 3
Saturday, 05 February 20:54
uploaded with ESL Wire Shot00023.jpg
169 kB, Saturday, 05 February 20:54, by lala (Smerfy)
Saturday, 05 February 21:07
Demo - )F(Madey
5.7 MB, Saturday, 05 February 21:07, by lala (Smerfy)


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comments (11)
Hello :)
Does the date suit you?
hi, what server?:)
btw can we change map, we need to train to national cup..

Insurgent Camp
Urban Assault
hoy can u play it today?
Lets play pipeline then.

We can play on Sunday if you want to.
We've got the server but there is problem wit lag that occurs sometime for +- 20 sec.
IP: pass: spar

We can choose your server if you have one.
hoy can u play at 19:00 or 19:30 pls?? ok your server..
Madey pls upload your demo.....thx...
you have Madey demo...
ok, and Wire ???
i have screenshot from our conversation, when i asked you did ringer can play with us and you nothing said about esl wire, than i give you demo and look for them, he now aren't in TS and i don't know when he come back
no man, i said that u can use ringer but he must play with wire and u said oka...chcek the demo he wasnt clean or he had lucky day..otherway everybody who play esl match must use wire..
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