Hornets vs. Furious gaming
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 Furious gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 21790228
Date Monday, 21 March 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 22 March 01:21
Round 3rd Place Final
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1 : 0
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Hornets wins !
Monday, 21 March 20:18
uploaded with ESL Wire pb_plist.jpg*
552 kB, Monday, 21 March 20:18, by 3339144 ([Hornets])
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comments ( 7 )  
21/03/11 14:56  #1

21/03/11 15:28  #2
No show.
21/03/11 15:40  #3
Lol. Yesterday we look at 22h no candidate in the face, you come home from work and a lovely "No Show"when in one week not to enter a bloody outcome. If you want to play like that it's cool for us but we postpone the match at one night this week!

And if an admin pass by to take a decision !

Choose a date for deplace the match and i accept !

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21/03/11 16:32  #4
Thanks for giving ip just 4 min before the match.
21/03/11 16:55  #5
Haha date of this match was from begining when playoffs has started! You know that next match you will play 21.03.2011 at 20:00. Is this matter with who? You could play or with us or with LSTS. We have long match (3,5h) so we finished match about 1:00 am.

NO comments from your team about this match! You could write before that you want to play this about 21:00 or another date. You have 19 members and nobody couldn't write 1 post ? We have no server so we were waiting for your post and IP. Special on this match we take server from clan [NoIT] and we've been waiting almost 20 minutes!

And you write after 40 minutes "If you want to play like that it's cool for us". Sorry but you FORGOT about this match and this is ONLY your FAULT.
21/03/11 17:08  #6
Ahah, you play vs LSTS yesterday but play the little final another day it's problem ?

it's me or you have a small dick and you feel you're going to loose ?

it's so easy to win easily, but we can not propose a date shift since we have no opponent.
22/03/11 12:41  #7
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