Openings Cup - Winners
During the two months we have been running our Openings Cup. Since a few days the first winners of an AA3 cup at ESL are known! Congratulations to the Polish team CFC who won the Winner Bracket Final and the Grand Final.

Openings Cup Winners!

In the Winner Bracket Final CFC met the other Polish team CSP. CFC could take both maps in it and advanced to the Grand Final. Meanwhile CoMfOs and Fg fought it out to reach the Loser Bracket Final. Fg came out as the strongest and beat CSP also in the LB Final. Up to the Grand Final where it was Poland vs France. Both maps in the Grand Final ended with one round difference in favour of CFC (4-2). CFC can crown themselves as the first winner of an ESL AA3 tournament!


Openings Cup

   1st 2 months
   2nd 1 month
   3rd 1 month

This award will be separately handed out to the top 3 winners of the Openings Cup.

kwatsch, Tuesday, 21/12/10 11:44
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welldone guys.
Congratulation Guys !
Congratulation :
^CSP^ Team and Fg. Team
Gratz all teams!
I hope a new ESL AA3 tournament will begin soon with even more teams! :)

Hooah CFC!
Hooah, an amazing ESL cup with several close match !
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