3087309 vs. Amatill0
Contestants Parameters
 18.  108.

Status: deleted
MatchID 15548263
Date Saturday, 26 September 14:00
Calculated Saturday, 26 September 14:00
map de_aztec
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Result Media
0 : 1
Saturday, 26 September 14:35
uploaded with ESL Wire 15548263-ZIP
132 kB, Saturday, 26 September 14:35, by 3087309
Saturday, 26 September 14:20
942 kB, Saturday, 26 September 14:20, by Amatill0
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comments (8)
el servidor se cayo
server down, lets play this match another day, server dont come online, sry
lets delete this match and play tomorow again
lets repeat this match tomorow
OK but the score is 8-7 to me
first acceptar the delete, then we play tomorow
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