Samuel 'Samu' Minguez  id: 2330397
CPU Intel core quad Q9550
RAM 4GB DDR2 5-5-5-18
Videocard Ati HD6870 DDR5 1GB
Soundcard SupremeFX X-Fi
Storage 2TB
Motherboard Asus Maximus Formula II
Display LG 32"
OS Windows 7
Antivirus AVG
CD/DVD Label Flash
Mouse Logitech G5
Mouse Skatez Mouse Wax
Mousepad QPAD CT Large Black - 4mm
Keyboard Razer lycosa
Headphones Icemat Siberia
Connection 10 Mb Timofónica
Wheel/Pedals LOGITECH G 27
Joypad nunchuk
TV LG 32"
Sound system Icemat Siberia
Console(s) N.E.S,super nintendo,N64,GC,Wii
Handheld(s) Samsung Galaxy SII
Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy SII
Drink Whiskey
Food Paella
Movie Cine de terror all
Music Rock and roll
Song Autorretraro (Extremoduro)
Book Los pilares de la tierra
Book author Stephen King
Person Yo
Actor / Actress Kutxi
Car Lexus SC 430
Sport Tenis
Athlete Nadal
Map Burgundy/Crossfire
Clan Nextlevel
Player Yo
Game Hero Link
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Humano
Genre RPG
Console Wii
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4

◊Team Awards

1º Euskal Encounter
1º ESL NightCup III
1º ESL NightCup II
1º Fiberparty 2k9
1º ESL feedback cup #1
1º 2ª Night Cup 4FRAGS.LnR
1ª numbers Night CUP
1º League Winter 2008 Promod Groupstage
1º ESL 5on5 Ladder SD
1º ESL 3Weeks
1º ESL NightCup III
2º ESL Qualifier EMS
2º Esl Best of crash cup
2º Esl Best of Backlot Cup
2º OpenCup Spring 2009
2º 5on5 Opening Cup
2º 5on5 Opening Cup CoD7
3º 5on5 AutumnCup
2º Clasificatorio EMS Season VIII
3º OpenCup Spring 2007
3º ESL feedback cup #2
3º ESL Summer 2k9
3º ESL October Red Cup II

//////////////// (Madrid) ///////////

1º Spain Communities Cup
1º CNA Season I CoD4 5on5
3º CNA Season II CoD4 5on5
1º CNA Season III CoD4 5on5
2º Regional Cup I CoD4

////////////// 2on2 /////////

3º 2on2 Twin Cup III
1º 2on2 Twin Cup II
1º 2on2 Twin Cup I