Germany is ASUS ENC 2010 FIFA Champion
After two month the ASUS European Nations Championship FIFA 10 Grand Final between Germany and Bulgaria is going to get a rematch. The original match caused huge debates regarding reputed time wasting and appearance of a non valid player at the Bulgarian team, which were filed by the German FIFA team.

Update: styla managed to win the rearranged submatch with 3 to 1 against junioR. Therefore Germany is the ASUS European Nations Champion in FIFA 2010. Congratulations!

At the time of the ASUS European Nations Championship Finals at gamescom 2010 2453731 from Bulgaria was a member of the LowLandLions clan just as the other two Bulgarian players. ASUS ENC rulebook allows only a maximum of two simultaneously playing players from the same clan.

ASUS ENC 2010 - FIFA 10 Grand Final


While the time wasting accusation was already declined on site by the referees, clarification of the second objection took longer. After extensive investigation the ESL came to a result. There is every indication that 2453731 was a member of LowLandLions, when the ASUS ENC 2010 Finals took place.

Therefore the submatch between styla and the concerned player gets annulled and a rematch was scheduled. Instead of the unauthorised 2453731, 3980190 will play for Team Bulgaria. He was already able to defeat styla during the second half of the original clanwar.

Galerie der ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Considerung the annulation of the submatch the score between Bulgaria and Germany is 5:5 at the moment. The winner of the rematch will take the ASUS ENC trophy. If the rematch will result in a draw, Germany will claim the title for having a better goal difference. It's going to be exciting!

At November 3rd 20:00 CET ESL TV will cover styla's and 3980190's clash live, to fulfil the importance of this final ASUS ENC 2010 match. ESL TV will not only show the pure match, but also recap the whole incident including interviews.

ASUS ENC FIFA Rematch am 03.11 live auf ESL TV
otacon, Friday, 29/10/10 10:32
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This is the only right descission!
LowLandLions hahaha nice Management - full of faker

In my opinion Bulgaria should be banned for this + a punishment 5.000€ for LowLandLions and Crazy_kon
funny, bulgaria won lan > they better, germany want to win by formal decisions > good luck:)
GG Germany! Why do you host the enc after all...
One question... why only the match vs Germany is replayed? Krasi and Crazy played against Romania too. And don't tell me that we didn't asked for...
christ pathetic germans cant lose and this is the best onlige league
german head admins of ENC ... u'r my idols :D:D:D:D
ENC FAIL! Big time!
whiners ftw
I think wodka talk too much :)
#9 of course he is ... they can't take the fact that we beat them ... after all its their ENC haha ... failed ... nice job
WODKA - in my opinion, you should go shoot yourself. It'll be better for all of us.

Everyone knows that Bulgaria won this tourmanet, so who cares how the rematch ended.

@MiPu - the right decision is that you follow WODKA's example.
I WANT TO MAKE PROTEST BECOUSE 3 ADMINDS From 1n team germanies GET FUCKING every day !1!!!you know the rules allow only 2 players so...
perhaps you should learn to speak english first? :)
After all Germany proved again that winning by changing the rules in their favor is possible too. Still Bulgaria were the true champions and will remain the ASUS ENC 2010 champions
P.S Germany has 3 players from the same team too but probably their rules matter only for the other countries and not for them
I don't wanna see any germans pick on us here...Stupid fanboys.When i see comments like ''bulgaria lowers'' or ''bulgaria whiners'' i laugh hard.Not to criticize the organization,but if i didn't play with a fucked up computer on the lan event with styla the result would've been much different.Everybody saw that i was much better in the first game.So the lowbrainers should shut up and be happy that Germany ''won'' again.If that's not a reason to whine,besides the fact that crazy kon humiliated styla in the first lan event and they did a laughable protest which was accepted.Shut up now tards and get a social life.
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