France vs. Slovakia
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Status: closed
MatchID 17808209
Date Sunday, 11 April 15:00
Calculated Sunday, 11 April 20:06
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Result Media
1on1:  Ancient Isle, 0
SyDe 0 : 2 Comm
1on1:  Turtle Rock, 0
hG 2 : 0 aMa
1on1:  Echo Isles, 0
hG 2 : 0 Comm
1on1:  Last Refuge, 0
SyDe : aMa
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, 0
PsYkO, YoM ThuGGy ThuG 2 : 0 aMa, Klerna
France wins !
France 3 : 1 SVK
Points +3 : +1
Sunday, 11 April 15:44
hG vs. aMa Game1*
94 kB, Sunday, 11 April 15:44, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 15:45
hG vs. aMa Game2*
132 kB, Sunday, 11 April 15:45, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 19:20
hG vs. Comm Game1*
218 kB, Sunday, 11 April 19:20, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 19:20
hG vs. Comm Game2*
43 kB, Sunday, 11 April 19:20, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 17:36
PsYkO/YoM ThuGGy ThuG vs. aMa/Klerna Game2*
192 kB, Sunday, 11 April 17:36, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 19:21
SyDe vs. aMa Game1*
221 kB, Sunday, 11 April 19:21, by 1530970 (France)
Sunday, 11 April 16:41
SyDe vs. Comm Game1*
194 kB, Sunday, 11 April 16:41, by TiGRicek (SVK)
Sunday, 11 April 16:42
SyDe vs. Comm Game2*
234 kB, Sunday, 11 April 16:42, by TiGRicek (SVK)
* No longer available



07/04/10 06:55
The battle for all or nothing
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

qualification to main round has reached the end. For us it is going to be the most important match of this year. Winner takes it all, loser will be forgotten. We've got quite long journey behind us - from Hungary's widespread plains to Norway's fjords. Now it is time for traveling through France. It will be hard, it will be tough but we have to make our work done. For Slovakia, for us!

captain of Slovakia
09/04/10 07:43
There we go
Somehow I am still happy that there still are some Warcraft III-related events. With the WC3L a bit over, the WCIP coming to its last season and most players switching from team to team every week, I am glad that we can once again rely on the strong, solid ENC to get some WC3 action.

But in order to qualify for the main round, France has to go through Slovakia. Even though we are probably the favorite team here, they do have good players and we will have to do our best not to be upset here.

Best of luck Slovakia
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