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Messeplatz 1
Hall 7 (ASUS ENC 2010)
50670 Cologne
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Counter-Strike (€13,300)

WarCraft III (€9,350)

FIFA 10 (€9,350)

CS:Source (€11,500)
United Kingdom

CS:Female (€8,300)

Quake Live (€6,950)

The ASUS ENC Finals 2010 are over
22.08.2010 19:34
All the champions of gamescom 2010

After five days full of games here in Cologne at the gamescom the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 are over. We have seen only one reigning champion defending their title and new champions in all the other games. Best nation of this years edition is Sweden who won both Counter-Strike and, just a few seconds ago, Quake Live in its premier season.

Right now it's time to present the final standings:

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Counter-Strike 1.6

1st: Sweden (6,000 Euro)
2nd: Ukraine (3,000 Euro)
3rd: Denmark (2,000 Euro)
4th: Russia (1,200 Euro)


1st: United Kingdom (5,000 Euro)
2nd: Denmark (2,500 Euro)
3rd: France (1,800 Euro)
4th: Germany (1,100 Euro)

WarCraft III

1st: Ukraine (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Russia (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Denmark (1,500 Euro)
4th: Germany (1,000 Euro)

FIFA 2010:

1st: Bulgaria (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Germany (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Romania (1,500 Euro)
4th: Ukraine (1,000 Euro)

CS: Female

1st: Russia (3,500 Euro)
2nd: Germany (1,700 Euro)

Quake Live:

1st: Sweden (3,000 Euro)
2nd: Netherlands (1,500 Euro)

Congratulations to all participants and especially the champions!

A very special thank you goes to ASUS who didn't only supported this final event but made the whole season with all it's events possible!

Sweden defended their title in CS 1.6
22.08.2010 15:07
The only champion who keeps the trophy!

It was not the match that the whole audience has waited for here at the gamescom in Hall 7. The ASUS ENC Finals 2010 in Counter-Strike 1.6 showed us a very strong reigning champion and a challenger with some kind of bad day.

Sweden dominated both maps of this finals and won very easy as it seams. Even if the stars like cArn, forest or all the SK players stayed at home the so called "b team" of Sweden didn't gave Ukraine the slightest chance to win today.

The scores of Sweden [2:0] Ukraine

de_inferno: Sweden [16:03] Ukraine
de_train: Sweden [16:06] Ukraine

Final standing: Counter-Strike 1.6

1st: Sweden (6,000 Euro)
2nd: Ukraine (3,00 Euro)
3rd: Denmark (2,000 Euro)
4th: Russia (1,200 Euro)

Congratulations to Sweden!

Denmark scores the third place
22.08.2010 12:48
A thrilling 3 map fight in the third place decider

This match was like an awesome roller-coaster! Russia was awake from the very first second and gave Denmark not the slightest bit of a chance on de_dust2. Only 2 rounds were book for the Dens when Russia hit the 16 rounds.

But when de_train was on and Russia was playing on like on de_dust2, Denmark finally awoke and turned the whole match around. After winning de_train, de_tuscan became a real thriller with Denmark winning with 16:14!

The scores of Russia [1:2] Denmark

de_dust2: Russia [16:02] Denmark
de_train: Russia [10:16] Denmark
de_tuscan: Russia [14:16] Denmark

In a few minutes the grand final of Sweden vs. Ukraine will start. Stay tuned!

The last ASUS ENC champions to be found today!
22.08.2010 09:42
The last match of this years finals in CS and Quake Live

The last day of gamescom has just begun and we are longing to find our last champions here today. The ASUS ENC Finals 2010 have seen many new faces and only new champions so far. Now Sweden has the chance to be the only reigning champion to keep their trophy. Also a new champion will rise in the premier of Quake Live at the ASUS ENC Finals.

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: The champions so far

United Kingdom
Sweden vs. Ukraine - Sunday, 22nd of August
Netherlands vs. Sweden - Sunday, 22nd of August

ASUS ENC Finals 2010 - Coverage

Enjoy the show live here at gamescom 2010!

Russia is the first champion of CS 1.6 Female
21.08.2010 20:40
Team Russia wins 2:1 over Germany to get the trophy

A long a breathtaking match here at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 in Hall 7 at gamescom more than entertained us this evening. Both Russia and Germany showed some very nice taktics and frags and the audience gave them a very good time.

After a bad start and a very nice comeback for Germany on the first map, de_dust2, Russia took over and won de_inferno in a 16:1 rush. On de_tuscan both teams fought hard for the title. In the end Russia started another phase of domination and won both the map and the title.

The scores of Russia [2:1] Germany

de_dust2: Russia [12:16] Germany
de_inferno: Russia [16:01] Germany
de_tuscan: Russia [16:10] Germany

Final standing: Counter-Strike: Female

1st: Russia (3,500 Euro)
2nd: Germany (1,700 Euro)

Tomorrow we will see both the Counter-Strike and Quake Live champions rise. See you tomorrow!

Ukraine vs. Sweden in tomorrows CS 1.6 grand final
21.08.2010 16:49
Who's gonna be the champ? markeloff or GeT_Right?

Ukraine just won the eastern European semi final. On three very tensed maps the team of Markeloff, Edward and co. had to show some of their a-play. After winning de_inferno and losing de_dust2 the Ukrainians got 5 T rounds on de_train and brought this victory home as CT by only losing one round on that side.

The scores of Ukraine [2:1] Russia

de_inferno: Ukraine [16:10] Russia
de_dust2: Ukraine [12:16] Russia
de_train: Ukraine [16:11] Russia

Now we are heading forward to the next grand final here at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010. The CS female teams of Germany and Russia will meet in a few seconds to determine their champion.

Sweden waiting in the grand final
21.08.2010 12:30
2:0 vs. Denmark brings Sweden close to the trophy

What a game in the early morning! Both Sweden and Denmark gave us an awesome show and made the crowd constantly grow. On both maps the team split the halfs to rounds in a row for one of the teams. In the end Sweden won the match on two maps but both were very, very tight.

The scores of Sweden [2:0] Denmark

de_tuscan: Sweden [16:14] Denmark
de_train: Sweden [16:12] Denmark

Now we are waiting for the match of Russia vs. Ukraine to determine the opponent for Sweden in the grand final.

Saturday at gamescom: The visitor overkill
21.08.2010 11:36
The ASUS ENC Finals 2010 area is packed!

It's only quarter past 11 in the morning. Every 5-10 seconds you hear an "A" and "SUS" shouted by the crowed that gathered right in front of the ASUS Extreme Overclocking Stage, almost combining to some kind of brand name you might know. The shoutcast of the CS 1.6 game between Sweden and Denmark is pumping to your ears. Everything is noisy but absolutely awesome and everybody is having fun. That's the feeling you get at the ASUS booth in Hall 7. You are more than just welcome!

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: The big CS day has come
21.08.2010 09:31
The CS male semi finals and the female grand final today!

Today the gamescom will have its peak and so we have the most popular game here at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 all day: Counter-Strike 1.6! See both semi finals of the male teams and the big highlight of the day when Germany and Russia will face each other for the crown of European Female Counter-Strike!

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: The champions so far

United Kingdom
Germany vs. Russia - Saturday, 21st of August
tbd vs. tbd - Sunday, 22nd of August
Netherlands vs. Sweden - Sunday, 22nd of August

ASUS ENC Finals 2010 - Coverage

Enjoy the show live here at gamescom 2010!

Team UK takes the crown of European CS:S
20.08.2010 19:29
One of the biggest CS:S scenes finally got their trophy

In an exciting match between United Kingdom and Denmark the British players showed all their skills and got the trophy a whole scene has been longing for. On de_dust2 and de_nuke they dominated the match and only showed some weaknesses but always cam back when the rounds became important.

The scores of United Kingdom [2:0] Denmark

de_dust2: United Kingdom [16:13] Denmark
de_dust2: United Kingdom [16:07] Denmark

Final standing: Counter-Strike: Source

1st: United Kingdom (5,000 Euro)
2nd: Denmark (2,500 Euro)
3rd: France (1,800 Euro)
4th: Germany (1,100 Euro)

Congratulations to the United Kingdom!

France claims 3rd place
20.08.2010 16:24
2:0 for the French - Germany 4th again

The "Source-Nation" does not leave the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 on the last position. France just won their match versus Germany on two maps so the reigning champion comes out last at this finals here at gamescom. Even a cheering audience couldn't stop this from happening. RegnaM and his teammates made their stay here in Germany a bit better after yesterdays loss.

The scores: France [2:0] Germany

de_dust2: France [16:08] Germany
de_nuke: France [16:04] Germany

Now we are waiting for the players to set up for the last match of the day which is the grand final of this years ASUS ENC Finals in Counter-Strike:Source. Enjoy the show!

Bulgaria is the new FIFA champion
20.08.2010 15:13
Only one goal decided the match - Congratulations Bulgaria!

A long and hard match was decided by only one single goal not shot by styla. Bulgaria was the team that defend the last running match at the same score for quite while and so secured the title with a very tight 7:5. After the match, Germany protested that Bulgaria did time play in this match.

After watching the replay for a few times and consulting one of our most experienced admins the admin team here at gamescom decided that there was a minor time play, but that it was too minor to give a defwin to Germany. So Bulgaria is the new champion in FIFA and Germany lost the second match at the ASUS ENC Finals ever.

Final standings:

1st: Bulgaria (4,000 Euro)
2nd: Germany (2,000 Euro)
3rd: Romania (1,500 Euro)
4th: Ukraine (1,000 Euro)

Congratulations to Bulgaria!

Romania just won the 3rd place
20.08.2010 11:44
By a very late goal Romania did it!

What a game we saw only seconds ago! Ukraine almost looked like the winner of the 3rd place decider but Romania stroke back. With a goal in the last few seconds of the game Romania won the last submatch and made the expected 6:6, which would have gone to Ukraine by goals, to a 7:5 in their favour.

Now we will start the grand final soon with Germany facing Bulgaria.

SourceTV demos are being uploaded right now
20.08.2010 10:38
Recap yesterdays matches soon!

Right now our admins are uploading the SourceTV demos of yesterdays matches. A long evening it took to determine the grand finals participants. See how Denmark and United Kingdom made it to the final and get a look at their shape right before the grand final and 3rd place decider this afternoon and evening.

United Kingdom vs. Germany
Denmark vs. France

The demos are on the way and should be ready soon!

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: The finals in FIFA and CS:S
20.08.2010 09:26
Who's going to be the next champions?

Today we will see two more champions rise from the crowd here at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 at gamescom. Both FIFA 2010 and CS:Source have had their thrilling semi finals and now the two last matches of each game are waiting for us today. Is Germany able to defend the title in FIFA? Who's going to be the new champion in CS:S? Get all the answers to these questions live at gamescom in Cologne!

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Enjoy the show live here at gamescom 2010!

Team UK advances to the grand final
19.08.2010 21:33
A big an thrilling 2:1 makes Team UK beat the champion

The last match of the day has just ended. United Kingdom and Germany had a big fight for the grand final and on de_inferno the decision was found. It took about three and a half hours and the whole audience saw one of the closest matches ever in the ASUS ENC. If you haven't been to gamescom, you should have a look at the ESL TV VOD released tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will see both the 3rd place decider, where Germany will meet France and the grand final between United Kingdom and Denmark.

Final scores:

de_dust2: Germany [12:16] United Kingdom
de_nuke: Germany [16:08] United Kingdom
de_inferno: Germany [07:16] United Kingdom

SourceTV for DE vs. UK
19.08.2010 17:51
We just found the problem and fixed it

For the second game of CS:S today we finished fixing the problems and are now able to have SourceTV here at gamescom. Here are your IPs to watch Germany vs. United Kingdom live!

VeryGames TV:

Denmark first team in CS:S finale
19.08.2010 17:16
Beating the favourite on two maps

Our booth nearly bursted during the first CS:S match here at gamescom. Both France and Denmark did a great job and made de_nuke a thriller to watch. 16:13 was the result when Denmark found their a game as Terrorists and got a good run. On de_train it looked like a even clearer result when Denmark only gave away 1 round for a long time. But in the end France could get 3 T-round, the pistol and made the game more interesting again. But Denmark found back into the game and got all 4 T-rounds they needed.

Semi Final #1: Denmark vs. France
de_nuke: Denmark [16:13] France
de_train: Denmark [16:07] France

Now we are just waiting a few more minutes to see who will win the second semi between Germany and the United Kingdom. Stay tuned!

No SourceTV for the first match
19.08.2010 17:05
Technical difficulties block streaming

We are very sorry for all CS:S fans out their who have waited for the first match to start. We had been working on getting SourceTV here for some time now but a connect on the local server has been blocked due to unforeseen reasons. Our IT department is working hard to get SourceTV for the game of Germany vs. United Kingdom and we will keep you up to date on that.

Update #1: We have had a visit of our provider here at gamescom who thought to have found the problem. Right now we still can't reach through the firewall to the SourceTV even tough our setup is 100% correct and checked by the gamescom team. We are doing our best and will give you more information as soon as possible.

Germany 8:4 Ukraine
19.08.2010 14:13
Germany to meet Ukraine in the grand final

By the score of 8:4 Germany once again goes to the grand final of the ASUS European Nations Championship. After the first half Germany led by 4:2 and the match went in direction of Ukraine, but then the experienced players of Germany turned the game arround.

The final matches played tomorrow:

3rd place: Romania vs. Ukraine
Grand Final: Germany vs. Bulgaria

Now the CS:S players set up to bring the matches on soon. We will supply you with the SourceTV IPs as soon as possible.

Bulgaria advances to the grand final
19.08.2010 12:20
A thriller ended 6:6 and a winner found by goals

In a very tight match between Bulgaria and Romania the Bulgarians showed some more luck today. With a score of 6:6 and a goal score of 17:12 they not only won their match but also advance to the grand final to meet either Germany or Ukraine there. The second semi final will follow shortly and with Jens Nowotny, former player of Germany's football team, on their side they hope to keep the score for Germany in ASUS ENC the same as last year, where they can out on top.

FIFA matches: 1 hour delay
19.08.2010 10:54
Due to some technical issues we will start at 11am

We are sorry for this information, but the FIFA 2010 schedule will be moved 1 hour back. The first match, Bulgaria vs. Romania will start at about 11am. The match Germany vs. Ukraine will so start at about 1pm.

Additionally we would like to remind all FIFA 2010 fans that there will be no stream from the ASUS ENC Finals 2010. As we don't have the internet capacity to stream on ESL TV, we are supplying all sorts ingame stream. Sadly FIFA 2010 offers no such possibility. You will get to see all stage matches in the ESL TV VOD tomorrow.

Romania vs. Bulgaria to start the day
19.08.2010 10:14
The first semi final in FIFA 2010

In a few minutes tha audience here at gamescom will get to see the first of two semi finals in FIFA 2010. While Germany and Ukraine can watch the matches, Bulgaria vs. Romania will be live on stage. Who's gonna make it to the grand final?

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: Semis in FIFA and CS:S today
19.08.2010 09:23
Day 2 will determine the final two for tomorrows grand finals

Morning has broken and the gamescom 2010 opens for all visitors today. In Hall 7 at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 we will see all the semi finals of FIFA 2010 and Counter-Strike:Source today. We are looking forward to a great day here at gamescom and hope to see impressive matches featuring the next two national teams of Germany here in Cologne.

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Enjoy the show live here at gamescom 2010!

Ukraine is the new ASUS European Nations Champion
18.08.2010 19:05
Kas and Majestic did it once again

After beating Germany in the semis the magic duo of Kas and Majestic did it again. Even nicker and Hawk from Russia could not stand their play and so the grand final ends with the score of:

Ukraine [3:1] Russia

Congratulations to Ukraine who showed an impressive tournament and are the new European champion in WarCraft III. In the thrid place decider Denmark scored a 3:1 over Germany and so they complete the ranking on the third place.

ASUS ENC 2010: WarCraft III - Final Ranking:

Ukraine (€4,000)
Russia (€2,000)
Denmark (€1,500)
Germany (€1,100)

See you tomorrow for the first matches in FIFA 2010 and CS:Source

The matches have been started
18.08.2010 16:28
Waiting for the new ASUS European Nations Champion

Right now both matches are live on stage here at the ASUS ENC Finales 2010. The first map in the grand final has ended already. Kas brought his team in front by winning his first map. Who's gonna go for the title? Russia or Ukraine?

Just like in the semi finals we will deliver the replays as soon as possible and you can find them in the the brackets.

The final two matches are drawn
18.08.2010 15:23
Russia moves on to face Ukraine in the grand final!

What a story is writen here at the gamescom? Both Russia and Ukraine won their matches and moved on to the grand final of this years ASUS European Nations Championship. The favoured teams of Denmark and Germany only won one submatch each and will face now for the third place decider match.

At 3:30pm the next matches will take place and decide which team will conquer the throne in WarCraft.

The results of the semi finals

Germany [1:3] Ukraine
Denmark [1:3] Russia

You can find all replays uploaded so far in both of the matches in the brackets.

Ukraine just won against Germany
18.08.2010 14:06
3:1 for the Ukraine - Germany in tears

Just a few seconds ago the dream of Team Germany about winning the ASUS ENC title once again here in Cologne ended. Kas and Majestic showed some crazy strategies as well as a good game in general and won the match 3:1. Only ReiGn was able to score a submatch against kas. A new bunch of photos featuring the cheering of the Ukraine will be uploaded in a few minutes.

Now we wait for the result of Denmark vs. Russia to see which teams will play the third place decider and which two will battle for the championship!

The first replay is on the the match pages
18.08.2010 13:33
Get the replay of the first match: Hawk vs. ThomasG

Our admins are taking care of the replay uploading whenever they have some free time during the matches. The first replay is uploaded and can be found in the matchpage of Russia vs. Denmark and soon some more will follow. We will inform you when the next larger package is on the way!

ASUS ENC Finals 2010 Teaser
18.08.2010 12:24
Our very own carni has interviewed the ASUS ENC boss

Get some more information about this years ASUS ENC Finals from Rene Milbradt interviewed by ESL TVs carni. Enjoy the video:

Matches live - Join us on Waaagh!TV
18.08.2010 12:08
Tune in to the semi finals now!

All matches of the semi finalss have been started or will start in a few minutes. Just check the Waaagh!TV game page to find the matches and watch them live. Additionally keep in mind that we will deliver that casted matches tomorrow on ESL TV VOD.

Enjoy the first matches!

Matches about to start
18.08.2010 11:46
Check Waaagh!TV for the live games coming up

Right now the player are doing their latest tweaking and are about to start their matches. We will have Waaagh!TV on games, not casted for ESL TV. These matches will be available in the Video on Demand you will get to see tomorrow.

So stay tuned and check the Waaagh!TV game page for the next live game!

Start in about 10 minutes
18.08.2010 11:05
Due to some problems the matches will start at about 11:10am

The first day also brings the first problems. But our admins are doing a great job and so everything is about ready to start. To give the players the chance to be able to bring their a-game we delayed the matches to start at 11:10am.

We will inform you about the Waaagh!TV streams as soon as possible.

ASUS ENC Finals 2010: WarCraft III today
18.08.2010 10:30
The first day of gamescom 2010 has just begun ...

The players of the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 are setting up their computers and start preparing for the matches of the day. You will, live here in Cologne, get to see both semi finals plus the 3rd place decider and the grand final. Tomorrow we will deliver all the matches live to you as VODs of ESL TV. Stay tuned for results, photos and backstage information all day here on the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 event portal!

Gallery of ASUS ENC Finals 2010

Enjoy the show live here at gamescom 2010!

Visit the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 and get your award!
16.08.2010 16:44
Details regarding your virtual souvenir at gamescom

If you are going to visit gamescom and have a look at the ASUS ENC Finals 2010, make sure your ESL Premium account is still active and you have your ESL Player Card or your login data at hand. Because in Hall 7 there will be the login counter where you can login or scan your ESL Player Card and get your event visit plus the ASUS ENC Finals 2010 event award for your ESL profile.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

ASUS ENC 2010 Finals at gamescom
06.08.2010 19:02
Who will be the European Champion?

The finals of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 will be held at gamescom. Europe's leading trade fair for the gaming industry will take place in Cologne, Germany, from 18th until 22nd of August and expects more than 200,000 visitors. Twenty national teams will compete for 120,000 Euros in six disciplines live at gamescom 2010.

The Main Round of the ASUS ENC 2010 is done and the Grand Final of CS:Female and Quake Live will be played offline and live at gamescom, as in Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3, FIFA 10 and Counter-Strike:Source the top four national teams of the running competition will compete for the European crown in Cologne.

ASUS ENC 2010 Final Participants

Counter-Strike 1.6:

WarCraft III:

FIFA 10:

United Kingdom

Quake Live: