Bulgaria vs. Germany
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Date Wednesday, 03 November 20:00
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5 : 7
Germany wins !
04/11/10 06:46
Hello all!

I am sure that all of you watched the final of Bulgaria vs Germany which was won by Bulgaria which 7-5. Team Bulgaria smashed the german players. After the game finishing the protest starting. First of all styla and hero in front of the tournament starting crying about time play. It takes around 4 hours to explain them that there is no any time playing. They cried like babies and shown us that these are not the players which all of you think for stars ;) After the final decesion was win for us and Bulgaria won the tournament fair, using the skill then..

When we come back to Bulgaria on the next day we saw that Team Germany made again protest using email form to the main German ESL Admin. The protest now is because of Crazy_kon was part of LLL and is not allowed to play in the game. However all of you can check log file of crazykon where it shows that he is never been player of LLL during the whole season of FIFA 10. His first official games at fifa 10 were on the stage against Romania and Germany. After they made protest using the mail form whihc we couldnt see this around 2 months finally they said us that we have to play rematch. (It takes 2 months to decide for the rematch). After deceding this we tried to protest it but against Team Germany and against their german admin friends it was impossible. Finally after 3 months we played impossible rematch which is the most funny deceding in the fifa scene which I have ever seen!

The other funny thing was if we used crazy_kon is not allowed to play ENC with us, why they didnt say anything about the game Bulgaria vs Romania? They did only that against Germany. I think all of you know the answer... This tournament is german tournament, you cant win it if they dont let you to do that.

I am happy that all of you fifa gamers saw what are styla,hero and era. Please at fifa 11 give directly first place to Team Germany and dont make qualifications and lan finals.

I hope you admins of ENC feels good now after the rematch. We will never forgot this piece of shit which you made with us. Also I am sure the players never will forgot the REAL CHAMPION of FIFA 10 which SMASHED GERMANY AT LAN.


03/11/10 17:07
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