Ukraine vs. Germany
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Date Thursday, 19 August 12:00
Calculated Thursday, 19 August 14:01
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4 : 8
Germany wins !

19/08/10 20:32
17/08/10 04:17
So here we are,

This years ENC finals are about to kick off. To sum up the group stage, we did a good job so far. Even though the way of how we qualified for the finals could have been more satisfying, we reached it and will now try to remain the titleholders.

With bulgaria, romania and ukraine attending, we have some really strong opponents on this ENC finals. All players of all teams are quite known and have decent skills to cause some real headache to their opponent. However, Germany as THE fifa don't need to hide at all. We are looking forward for some good matches and are ready to get the title once again!

Team Germany Fighting&Winning!
18/08/10 07:06
We have some experience playing against Germany . We will struggle and won't give up winning. We will come to the final. We remember, Germany team has a lot of champions, but we are not afraid. This year we are going to win.

Good luck for everyone!!!
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